Pokemon go players can explore the city with our recommended guide to the most accessible pokestops and gyms. Image Credit: Flikr

To help you be the very best like no one ever was, we’ve put together a list of 43 accessible Pokestops and gyms in Dubai. We've even included a labled map, that you can use to travel across the land, searching far and wide. 

When you walk around with the Pokemon Go App open on your smartphone, you’ll occasionally see blue and red icons on the GPS map. These are Pokestops and Pokemon gym indicators. They can range from large buildings to art pieces and even monuments and metro stations.

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Here are our top picks for the most accessible 21 Pokestops and the 22 Pokemon gyms in Dubai:


The Malls of Dubai

One of the best locations to for Pokestops in Dubai, are within the malls. These are ideal locations, since you aren’t walking out in the heat or driving on the street.

1. The Dubai Mall

2. Mall of the Emirates

3. Ibn Battuta Mall

Sheikh Zayed Road

There’s a couple of standout Pokestops on Sheikh Zayed Road, including:

4. Zaroob Restaurant

5. Emirates Towers Metro Station


If you work in this high-end location, you may look incredibly hilarious following Pokemon around in your power suit, but you got to do what you got to do right?

6. Camel statue at Emirates Towers

7. The Ritz Carlton bridge

8. Maze Tower parking

9. DIFC Gate building

10. The dome in Al Fattan Currency House 

Dubai Marina

This location has quite a lot of Pokestops, but the easiest to stop at are:

11. Princess Tower

12. The waves fountain at the Westin Hotel Mina Seyahi

13. The Skydive Dubai airplane billboard

Knowledge Village

Tons of students will be passing the time between their summer classes capturing Pokemon in the area.

14. Knowledge Village fountains

Motor City

If you live on that side of town, your Pokeball stash can still be replenished at the below two Pokestops.

15. Sherlock Circus Tower in Motor City

16. Knot Garden South within Motor City complex

Dubai Studio City

There’s a bunch of places you can make a Pokestops at in DSC

17. Square Fountains

18. Dubai Studio City main roundabout

19. The Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club main entrance

Al Rigga/Deira

In Rigga, there are two spots where you can heal your Pokemon back to health.

20. Dar Sultan Cultural Center 

21. Etisalat building

Pokemon Gyms:

Arabian Ranches and Studio City

1. The Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club

2. Main gate of Dubai Studio City near the big roundabout

Dubai Marina:

3. At the waves fountain underneath the Damac Waves building.

4. Cayan tower

Media City

5. The Flying Mini Cooper on the Concord Tower

Knowledge Village:

6. The Falcon Statue in Knowledge Village

Al Barsha:

7. Mall of the Emirates

8. Mall of the Emirates Pond

9. Mall of the Emirates Metro Station

Al Qouz

10. Time Square Center

11. The First Gulf Bank metro station

Downtown Dubai/Business Bay

12. Burj Khalifa

13. The camel statue at the J.W. Marriot Marquis


14. The Burj Al Arab Hotel

15. Al Safa 2 Community Mosque

16. Tree of the union at the Union House in Jumeirah

Oud Metha

17. Egyptian Art wall at Wafi Mall

18. The Wafi obelisk statue

19. The glass pyramids at Wafi Mall

20. Healthcare city metro station

21. Al Jafiliya metro station


22. The clock tower

What can you get at Pokestops?

Pokeballs: Instead of purchasing Pokeballs through the app, you can head to Pokestops, where you can collect Pokeballs for free. This ensures that you can use to capture new monsters.

Potions: These are used to recover the health of your Pokemon following a battle.

Revive: If your Pokemon faints in a gym battle against a rival team, this will restore them to half their maximum health.

Eggs: When you get an egg, you’re basically getting a Pokemon that will only hatch after you walk 2KM, 5KM, or 10KM while it’s in its egg.

Razz Berries: A berry, which allows you to capture certain Pokemon more easily.

Lucky Eggs: An egg that you can eat, which allows you to double the experience that you’ve gained within 30 minutes of consumption.

What can you do in Pokemon gyms?

Pokemon gyms are arenas in specific locations where you can battle other trainers. If you win, you gain experience which allows you to level up.  Battles are only one-on-one and really entertaining. The only way to heal the damage after a fight is through potions or a “revive” which you pick up from a Pokestop, once the battle is over. 

The Pokestop and gym map:

To get to all the spots we mentioned, check out this map labled with Pokeballs for Pokestops and the gym symbols to lead you to where the gyms are.