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In these challenging times, having the right gear to enable your staff to work from home with ease is of utmost importance. The right tool while working from home, means more efficient work with greater ease for the employees. Keeping this in mind, Lenovo has introduced the world’s smallest desktop, the ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano to the Middle East market. It is designed to support diverse workspaces with the power of a full-size desktop and the space-saving convenience of a laptop.

“At Lenovo, we’re committed to helping businesses work smarter, with technologies that meet the needs of the modern workforce of today,” said Mohammed Hilili, Lenovo General Manager Gulf, Saudi Arabia & East Africa. “As the number of people working remotely grows, so do an organization’s and the demands placed on its IT infrastructure. With its powerful, compact and flexible design, the ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano empowers staff to work with greater efficiency, while ensuring companies get the most out of their IT investments.”

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should be considering the ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano for your business’ work-from-home needs.

Unmatched Performance

While working from home, what most employees need is a smooth and operational working experience. The ThinkCentre Nano can be specified to run up to Intel Core i7 processors and 16GB DDR4 memory for users needing a multitasking boost during their workday.

Powered by the 8th generation Intel processors and backed by SSD storage up to 512GB, the ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano makes everyday computing effortless, offering diverse connectivity and multi-user options to keep users connected from the office, home or on-the-go.

Compact Design

Some of us might live in smaller spaces and can’t afford the luxury of having giant PCs stacked on our desks or even under them for that matter. The Nano’s 0.35L compact form factor fits wherever it’s most convenient in your home environment.

Impressive Adaptability

Compatible with the TIO via Cube, you can easily place the Nano behind a monitor to free up valuable desk space too. Using other accessories, the Nano can be mounted on a wall, under a desk—wherever you like it. It can also be powered through a single cable via a USB Type-C monitor for a clutter-free workspace.

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Durability and Security

For added peace of mind, the ThinkCentre M90n-1 Nano is MIL-810G SPEC tested – built to withstand extreme conditions including shocks, drops, dust and humidity. The desktop’s HW TPM 2.0 chip encrypts data to keep sensitive data secure, whilst its Kensington lock slot enables users to physically secure the device to an immovable object, protecting it from risk of theft.

Advanced Connectivity

With the ThinkCenter M90n Nano, there’s no worrying about connectivity to external devices. With fully functional USB Type-C and USB 3.1 Gen2 ports on the front and back, the Nano supports numerous add-ons, such as multiple displays, docks, and other hardware options, to help improve your productivity. The ability to be powered using just one cable to a USB Type-C monitor makes the M90n-1 Nano ideal for a clutter-free workspace, whether it be placed behind a screen or under a desk.

Ease of Use

Hate the whole start-up process on your office PC? The Nano supports Modern Standby, a feature that allows you to receive emails, VoIP calls, and instant messages while on standby mode, much like a smartphone. It also resumes to full function instantly, in less than a second.

Energy efficient

The ThinkCenter M90n Nanos are one-third the size of the ground-breaking ThinkCentre Tiny and bring up to 30 percent energy savings annually vs. traditional desktops. Built to be energy-efficient with an amazingly quiet fan-less design, the M90n Nano IoT has a broader thermal range (0-50 °C) too.

Operating on Windows 10, with specifications that would handle most tasks with ease, the Lenovo ThinkCenter M90n Nano PC is an ideal option for a growing organisation. For more information please visit www.lenovo.com/me.

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