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What is it?

The masters of computer peripherals themselves, the Swiss-based company's latest attempt at riding the tablet wave: a keyboard for the iPad 2. This keyboard is made in partnership with ZAGG, the American company which specialises in making protective covers for devices.

Aren't there enough of those already?

There are many, but not quite enough it seems. Also, because the Logitech keyboard is specifically made for the iPad 2, it is designed so the tablet rests face down and packed in when not in use and thus, is easy to carry. And because it connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, there's minimal fuss.

So what's special about it?

I would say the design stands out for me. Because the iPad falls pretty nicely into the keyboard, it's like carrying a much cooler looking netbook. Yes, a netbook, because once you stand your iPad up (whether in portrait or landscape mode) on the foldable plastic hinge, it looks like a well-equipped small laptop — those things we once used to call netbooks.

The keyboard feels like that of a proper computer's and comes with a variety of short-cut options to make life easier. You can, for instance, copy/paste (after touching the screen to select text, of course), go to the home screen, trigger a photo slideshow, toggle your volume and play/pause media, all at the touch of a button. There's even a button to lock your screen and save power. You see, just like a computer.

The keyboard is charged via a micro-USB port.

When is it available in the UAE and for how much?

The Logitech Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is available for order on the company's website for €99 (Dh525). It should be on shop shelves in about a week.