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The Just Padel — Mina Rashid facility has dedicated indoor padel courts for women only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: With the growing popularity of padel in the UAE, here’s some great news for the padel tennis players of Dubai. The state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor facility had been established with the objective of making padel more accessible and to cater to the increasing padel communities in the UAE, by featuring world-class padel courts and high-quality coaching programmes.

A fully air-conditioned four-court facility, the only dedicated indoor padel courts for women in the UAE, has opened its doors in the city’s Mina Rashid area — a move that has surely brought a smile to the faces of female fans of this exciting sport.

“It is a known fact that padel is gaining immense popularity around the globe and UAE is no exception. The sport provides a faster learning curve and is fun to play and watch, and that’s the main reason why the UAE residents, of all fitness levels, are attracted towards this exciting and social sport,” said Rashad Al Hashimi, Chairman and Co-founder of Just Padel.

“We have a fast-paced plan to be able to offer everyone the opportunity to play padel tennis in their respective localities. We are proud to be the largest padel tennis service provider in the Middle East with 34 courts across 10 locations in Dubai, and our goal is to establish at least another 80 to 100 courts across the UAE and Middle East within the next couple of years.”

The Just Padel — Mina Rashid Facility houses a total of 14 courts, which makes it the largest padel tennis facility in the UAE. Six indoor courts along with four outdoor courts are utilised for mixed category players and four indoor courts are dedicated in an adjacent complex for ladies only, providing an unparalleled padel experience.

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The Just Padel — Mina Rashid Facility houses a total of 14 courts, which makes it the largest padel tennis facility in the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

The facility’s planning process and operational procedures have clearly been prioritised in accordance with the requirements and concerns of female players. From setting up a women-centric court space to offering the ladies an unobstructed access to the courts, which are isolated from outside view with the help of blinds, all measures have been taken to ensure the establishment of an enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for padel players.

“One of Just Padel’s main goals is to create sustainable padel communities for players across the UAE and Middle East and with the support of Gulf News to host the tournament in the ladies-only padel courts in Mina Rashid, this will play a key role towards achieving that goal,” Mr. Rashad added.

The facility also includes luxury washrooms and shower rooms, lounge areas, praying area, free parking and the main branch of Kona House Coffee chain, with its modern contemporary design. The padel coaching and training programmes at Mina Rashid by top-quality coaches will help the players in improving their game level. Individual and group sessions available for kids and adults, for all playing levels.