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PXG Xtreme Golf Balls Image Credit: PXG Twitter

PXG, the golf equipment company founded ten years ago by American entrepreneur Bob Parsons, has expanded its on-course offerings to include a new range of golf balls.

Following nearly a decade of research and development, PXG Xtreme golf balls are designed to offer a combination of explosive distance and control, which the company says has been achieved through a three-piece construction, featuring a high COR polybutadiene core, a firm ionomer mantle layer, and a soft urethane outer cover.

The dimple pattern is engineered to maximize distance with the driver while producing a high trajectory with optimal spin with irons and wedges, while an enhanced alignment aid helps players easily line up their ball on the green.

“PXG is first and foremost a research and development company,” PXG founder Bob Parsons stated. “Everything we do starts with a question, ‘Can we make a better product?’ For a long time, despite our best efforts, we weren’t sure if we could make a better golf ball. But we didn’t stop trying. Adding a new partner to expand our engineering capabilities and leveraging years of data and testing, we are pleased and proud to finally introduce a golf ball good enough to earn the PXG name.”