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Luton Town manager Rob Edwards and players react as Tom Lockyer receives medical attention during the Premier League match against AFC Bournemouth. Image Credit: Reuters

Luton: Luton captain Tom Lockyer has had a defibrillator fitted following his on-field cardiac arrest and left the hospital to rehabilitate at home, the club said on Thursday.

Lockyer collapsed in the second half of Luton’s match at Bournemouth in the English Premier League on Saturday. The game was abandoned and will be replayed.

It was the second time Lockyer collapsed during a match. The other time was in May during the second-tier Championship playoff final and that was because he suffered atrial fibrillation.

Luton said the issue Lockyer experienced on Saturday was different.

Successful procedure

Lockyer underwent “a successful procedure that took place on Tuesday whereby Tom had an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) device fitted to prevent a repeat of Saturday’s incident,” Luton said.

“The club, Tom and the Lockyer family would like to take this opportunity to repeat our collective heartfelt thanks to all at Bournemouth, their supporters, club officials and especially their medical staff and midfielder Philip Billing, who was the first to reach Tom on the pitch and summon assistance.”

Luton didn’t say when, or if, Lockyer would be expected to return to the field.

The team’s next game is at home to Newcastle on Saturday.

“We’re so proud to have Locks as our captain,” Luton said, “and his leadership will continue from the sidelines where his courage will inspire his teammates, colleagues, and supporters, starting on Saturday.”