Harbhajan Singh
Harbhajan Singh Image Credit: Supplied

Harbhajan Sing, ​one of India’s greatest off-spinners, also enjoys penning poems.

He has sent Gulf News a video narrating a heart-warming poem written by Punjabi poet Hakam Bhaktriwala. The translation of this poem to English is below:

Where am I sitting and writing this?

Oh God! You have really tested us.

Al modes of transport have come to a standstill

All of them seem useless now.

Birds are chirping today and breathing pure air

But the whole universe stands contaminated.

Someone who did not have a minute to spare

Today, he is tied down within the four walls of his home,

You blew one whiff & everyone is stunned in such a way

That the whole world seems jobless now.

Man considered himself unconquerable

Even his science seems a failure now.

Not one leaf will move without your will

Once again you’ve proven how powerful you are.

Now its all your decision, only you know who will be benefitted, who stands to lose.

Atheists and believers are all searching for answers

You have announced to the world there is only one Master.