The internet has become an important communicative tool, which brings significant convenience and efficiency for people. However, the internet also has a severe weakness. Despite its comprehensive abilities, the internet is not easy to limit and many countries are working on censorship.

Internet censorship can be a protection measure. As an open and limitless source of information, the quality and authenticity of the information is questionable. There is a lot of material online that undoubtedly exerts a negative influence on people, especially children. Although there are several laws that regulate illegal information and activities, the laws are not enough to regulate all the illegal or immoral activities. It is very hard to charge a person for internet crimes, especially if the person is from another country. Thus, the illegal activities and undue information are still rampant on the internet.

Censorship of the internet can filter the inappropriate information online and protect children from disturbing websites, such as, detailed instructions in crime or drug use. The information may weaken children’s moral consciousness. Censorship can help parents to filter websites for children and protect them from the misguidance and negative influence of the internet.

It can decrease internet violence and protect people’s personal security. In today’s world, internet bullying and violence has become a serious issue. There are suicide cases caused by internet bullying.

As every coin has two sides, internet censorship has its own disadvantages. The most important point against censorship of the internet is that it is against freedom of speech and it violates human rights. People may be worried about their government abusing the right of censorship and violates the democracy of society.

In conclusion, the censorship of the internet is a double-edged sword. It can work in some instances, but in others it can be detrimental to society. Transparency must be enhanced. Any censorship without supervision is dangerous.

- The reader is a student based in Dubai.