Reducing food waste with the UAE Food Bank

The UAE Food Bank project that initiates distribution of food to those who have severe difficulty in purchasing their daily required intake to avoid severe malnutrition is a great step (‘5 tonnes of pears donated to UAE Food Bank’, Gulf News, April 22). Here, food is collected and being distributed through smaller groups of volunteers or charity groups. Then they are allowed to reach out directly to the needy.

The food will always be collected, sorted and reviewed with the help of Food Safety Inspectors for quality and then distributed to the food bank. Supermarket operators and retailers who order too much and products past its expiry dates should cooperate with this endeavour and supply the Food Bank Project. In all these cases, the Food Safety Inspectors will make sure it’s safe for distribution.

However, this food bank should also support other welfare schemes. The project’s initiatives and implementations by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and

Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, aims to reduce food wastage in the country. I hope the project will help cut food wastage and serve the needy. Our Red Crescent authorities point out that the UAE stands fourth in terms of food wastage, which is not at all an encouraging sign.

From Mr M. K. Gunaseelan

Abu Dhabi

We are interdependent

Duality is the main cause for human suffering today (‘Readers Views: The spider web of bonded labour’, Gulf News, April 23). We all are striving to be independent, which is causing us to forget the fundamental law of Nature that is singularity. We are all interdependent beings at the core — not independent. Everything in the universe and in Nature is working with each other for each other. The cells in our body even work for the other cells and if they stop working for each other it causes cancer and these kinds of problems. The trees give us oxygen and take in carbon dioxide released by humans. The trees don’t bare fruits for themselves, nor does water have a purpose of its own. Everything is serving each other to grow. This is the right way to the eradicate pain and suffering from our lives and open doors of abundance.

From Mr Sukhvinder Bakshi


Children are curious

I tried to see if I could fly with an umbrella in my childhood, too (‘Boy, 7, survives jump from 10 floors using umbrella’, Gulf News, April 22). Thankfully, I didn’t attempt it from the roof, but from the top of my wardrobe. Bam! I came down like a stone with my umbrella turned inside out.

From Mr Munazza Omar


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Don’t risk others’ lives

I have almost gotten into an accident many times because of these kinds of drivers (‘Emiratis, Indian and Pakistani drivers change lanes indiscriminately’, Gulf News, April 21). During their driving licence examination, they surely use their signal. After passing and obtaining a licence, they don’t care anymore.

Life is so precious, so if you want to risk your life, then do it somewhere else and not on the roads when a lot of people care for their dear lives.

From Ms Em Robles Gonzales


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Many dangers

Aggressive lane changes seldom have you react — these guys zip through traffic and disappear. However unacceptable that is, I find lane changes done by new drivers are more dangerous with no concept of blind spots whatsoever. The ones who do 120km/h on a 140km/h road or who do go to 140km/h and freak out when they see a radar and slam on the brakes are also dangerous.

From Mr Shreyas Ganga


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Distracted driving

Swerving and lane hogging are the biggest causes of accidents and delays on the roads, according to the report. I’m forever changing lanes due to slower drivers in the second lane who are clearly distracted.

From Mr Tarek Omar


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Driving cultures

I don’t think it’s good to generalise any nationality based on driving skills as after getting a licence in the UAE feels like the equivalent of getting an MBA degree. We tend to drive as per the same regulations when we travel to our country, without considering how other people drive. For me, I’m only changing lanes when there are annoying drivers in front of me, but not because of my eagerness to reach any place faster.

From Mr Manoj Hingorani


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