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Importance of reading

I study in grade 8 and would like to emphasise the importance of reading in daily life ("Sheikh Mohammed stresses importance of reading", Gulf News, February 05). Reading books electrifies our minds and enriches our thoughts. A well-read student is always a pleasure to meet. We can strike up a good conversation and make good company. It will open the doors to the world. We have a vast collection of books at home, and I am growing up watching my dad always read books. So I'm keen to improve my reading habit in the coming years.

From Ms Rhea Eappen


How UAE promotes reading habits among residents

The UAE has left no stone unturned when it comes to teaching reading habits in our community ("Children reading more at home, say visitors as Sharjah reading fest begins", Gulf News, May 19). The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and Sharjah Children's Reading Festival in May were true testimonies of this statement. The festival helps people rediscover the joys of reading. The Abu Dhabi International Book Fair offered readers, choice from over 10,000 books from a myriad of genres by storytellers worldwide. The Sheikh Zayed Book Awards held simultaneously honoured exceptional authors and welcomed around 2,500 nominations from several nations. The Sharjah Children's Reading Festival engaged young participants in fun, interactive and linguistic workshops while adhering to safety guidelines. The large yet safe turnouts prove that the enchantment that books bring to readers is here to stay despite obstacles and technological advancements.

From Ms Teresa Kuruvila


Donate blood and give life

The human body is a complex organism capable of growth, metabolism, reproduction, homeostasis, and adaptation ("UAE Blood Donation 2021: Unsure if you can donate blood in the UAE? Here's what you need to know", Gulf News, June 15). Humans are the second most social species in the earth's life forms just below the thriving ant kingdom comprising the ability to think, imagine, create and learn from the experience derived. But, of course, we are unique, and our time on earth, most definitely, finite—a fact of which we all are acutely aware. Therefore, we should help those who are in need. For example, the global statistics indicate that 1 out of 7 patients who enter hospitals need blood. Loss of blood during surgery, low blood counts due to chemotherapy or radiation reinforce the global call for continuous blood donations. The theme for this year's World Blood Donor Day (June 14) was "Give blood and keep the world beating". It aimed to raise awareness of the importance of donating blood and providing lifesaving blood and blood products, such as plasma, red cells, and platelets, to people who need them. Why not spare few minutes of our time to uplift humanity by example, dominated by no personal motives? Bring hope to another and donate blood.

From Mr Sanith Santhasa Piyadigamage

Dubai, UAE

Obesity in teenagers

I am a student of The Indian High School, Oud Mehta, and I want to spread awareness among people on the increased rate of obesity amongst teenagers ("Covid-19 and obesity: A potent mix", Gulf News, April 07). There are many reasons that lead to obesity. Obesity is the accumulation of fat in one's body. Nowadays, due to the coronavirus pandemic, children attend online school. During school hours, they tend to sit in one position only and barely move. This could lead to obesity. Also, children tend to eat more junk and oily food during their teenage, leading to this condition. Obesity itself is a severe condition, but it also leads to other dangerous diseases. There is an increased chance for heart diseases to arise. Other diseases such as gallbladder diseases and liver problems also tend to occur. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, with at least 2.8 million people dying each year because of being overweight or obese. Ensure to utilise the short breaks given during school hours and walk around the room instead of sitting. Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Do regular exercises, spend at least 30 minutes for the same.

From Ms Charvi Prashanta Shetty


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