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A great initiative

The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2019 launched by His Highness Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Dubai, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, is truly a remarkable feat that helps encourage people to take up outdoor activities and workout to lead a better lifestyle (“Dubai’s Sheikh Zayed Road to become running track on November 8”, Gulf News, October 30).

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But, it would have been definitely exciting if the same were initiated in Abu Dhabi too. Not all residents of Abu Dhabi can take part in the Dubai Fitness Challenge. It would be a great joy and delight if a fitness challenge in Abu Dhabi happens in the near future.

From Mr Akhil Rahman

Abu Dhabi

A cracker problem

It is so dangerous to stock it illegally and on rooftops of probably residential buildings (“Video: How firecrackers are being sold illegally in Dubai’s Meena Bazaar”, Gulf News, Ovtober 27). People should celebrate responsibly and not buy from these places. But then again this is not new. Although the police is strictly monitoring the selling of crackers, this happens every year in the area of Bur Dubai. After Diwali, the streets of Bur Dubai will be littered with debris of firecrackers. Hope you had a safe Diwali everyone.

From Ms Mahnaaz Sheikh


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Poor organising

This report does not do justice to how bad the recent Eminem concert in Abu Dhabi was (“Eminem concert in Abu Dhabi: Organisers justify delay”, Gulf News, October 26). I waited outside the gates when I got through. There was absolute mayhem and some people even fainted in the heat. Honestly, there was no organisation in this event.

From Mr Benny G. E. Ray


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Concert nightmare

It was an incredibly bad experience. The fact that they let things get to a point where people were being crammed together so tightly and fainting in the crowd, was unforgivable in my opinion. They may have ‘gotten away with it’ this time, but next time people might not be so lucky.

From Mr Zak Khan


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Concerts are usually messy

I would like to thank Gulf News for covering this story. It was a truly disappointing experience and the public deserved to know what happened at the arena. Being in that crowd, the only thing I was grateful for was that I am in the UAE and people are more conscious of one and other. If it was any other country I am sure some people would have been badly hurt.

From Ms Tetiana Mykhailiuk


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Helping their own people

People come to Dubai with the hope of getting a suitable job (“7,000 jobs open for Filipinos in these 2 countries”, Gulf News, October 29). Here in Dubai if you are able for the post, irrespective of your nationality, you are given the opportunity to apply. I have seen people below the age of 35 appointed as senior managers in companies. Regarding the news about job opportunities being given to members of the Philippines community, I don’t see anything wrong with it. They are helping their country people.

From Mr Mohammad Anees


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Modi visit to Saudi Arabia

The two-day visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the invitation of Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, will further boost the bilateral ties between two historical friends (“India: PM Modi to embark on two-day visit to Saudi Arabia”, Gulf News, October 29). Current global volatility requires better cooperation and stability among nations especially among regional players, for energy security and India’s desire for Gulf region stability.

For growing Indian economy and energy security, the Gulf region is an area of vital importance, and Saudi Arabia is an important country, which has the world’s largest oil reserves.

India and most Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia, have enjoyed very cordial relations based on mutual trust and people-to-people contact, which dates back to several millennia.

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This visit has heralded a new era of friendship; it will boost trade and cooperation at a time when economic concerns and regional stability dictates are of the foremost importance in the formation of political alliances.

Saudi Arabia has large sovereign fund, it will always bank upon India, which has a stable government and a fairly independent judiciary, as a safe destination for investments.

From Mr Ramesh G. Jethwani

Bangalore, India

Need more greenery

Getting fresh oxygen as well as spending time in an environment that has more greenery is important. We should plant more trees and herbs to save the environment. Nowadays, some new trees and plants are being planted alongside roads and paths in the UAE and this is a good initiative. Medicinal plants like neem trees, environmentally friendly plants that can withstand the weather in the country and more herbs can make a difference. M. A. Mannan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Unbiased reporting?

In your edition of Gulf News, dated October 22, page 15, the report highlights that Indian media peddles hate on prime time television (“How Indian news channels are peddling hatred against Muslims on primetime TV”, Gulf News, October 20). Regretfully you have also done the same. I do not feel that your report is unbiased.

From Mr P. Balachandran


Friday prayers

Going to Friday prayer is not a pleasure trip rather it is a serious business (“Reader denied entry into Sharjah mosque”, Gulf News, October 21). The reader is at great error blaming the mosque authority for not displaying dos and don’ts at mosque entrance, he should know what the etiquettes inside the mosque are, especially during Friday prayer as taught by Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. In no uncertain terms it is explained what the conditions are set by prophetic teachings regarding taking young children to the mosque for prayer. The reader should have chosen some other time to visit the mosque. On another note mosques should have separate gallery during Friday prayer for non-Muslims so that they can also learn more about Islam, if they so wish.

From Mr Salim Moan Panthod

Abu Dhabi

Equal opportunity

I believe in equality and opportunity. But let’s face it, most women go through hurdles that men don’t even have to worry about (“‘Do your own chores’, say netizens”, Gulf News, October 11). Let’s consider the following: Transport to and back from the work place, societal pressures to stay at home, discrimination, harassment, pressure from family members, balancing domestic and professional work, the list is endless. Choose any five women you know who have careers, and I guarantee that they face similar issues, if not all the ones mentioned above.

From harassment in public transport to societal pressure to stay home, we do need to realise that we need to do more to help women survive in the corporate world. More importantly, men need to do more to balance the genders at workplace. If your wife, sister or mother is working, then lend a hand and support them. Ensure they reach and get back home safely. Women should raise their voices in case of any harassment, without fear. Men must contribute in household chores to ease the pressure. Both husbands and wives can take turns when it comes to looking after children. It is essential to motivate your sisters to work and achieve their dreams as well. It’s not a level playing field. Let’s help all the women in our lives!

From Mr Mohammad Shoaib Tanoli


Insurance covers everything?

From the report published in Gulf News, it appears that the medical insurance does not cover medical expenses arising out of accidental injuries (“Horror car smash raises questions over road accident coverage”, Gulf News, October 19). Then the purpose of the compulsory medical insurance currently in force is totally defeated. What if a person gets injured at home falling in the bathroom, and if the medical expenses insurance policy does not cover the expenses following the injury, which policy would cover such expenses? Should insurers deny the medical expenses following road or other accidents?

As we all know that motor insurance is not meant to cover the medical expenses, unless as an emergency expense for a small limit, and the Personal Accident extension under a Motor policy would cover only death and or disability, and in some cases medical expenses for a small limit, it is imperative that the medical expenses insurance should cover all medical expenses, irrespective of whether it is due to illness or injury.

I hope that the letter would initiate prompt action, for the implementation of uniform coverage, similar to what is in force with regard to the motor insurance.

From Mr Abdulla K.


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