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Now, you can find vacant parking slots on app

E-signs will direct motorists to nearest available space in Al Rigga and World Trade Centre areas

Image Credit: RTA
Technology saves the time and effort of people
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Dubai: Motorists can now use smart services to locate the nearest vacant parking spot in Dubai’s busy Al Rigga and World Trade Centre areas.

It follows the completion of the initial phase of the Smart Parking Project of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai.

Drivers in the two areas can use the free RTA app to guide them to the nearest vacant space in public car parks. Also, electronic display signs have been installed to show the number of vacant spots in a particular line or zone.

The areas are monitored live through ground sensors and overhead cameras that relay the updated information on available spaces to the app and display signs.

It means motorists visiting the two areas no longer need to drive around randomly looking for parking — they will now know exactly where the vacant spaces are, thus saving time and effort.

The development follows RTA’s announcement last April that its updated Drivers and Vehicles app can identify vacant parking slots in multi-level parking buildings and Dubai Mall.

The app also allows payment of parking fees without the additional charge for SMS.

On Wednesday, the RTA said the latest project in Al Rigga and World Trade Centre areas is undertaken as part of its efforts to provide smart services to residents and visitors to Dubai, in implementation of the directives of the Dubai government and its Smart City initiative.

Mohammad Al Shareef, director of Intelligent Traffic Systems at RTA’s Traffic and Roads Agency, said: “The RTA has completed the link of the central system with the basic components of the project — e-signs, ground and overhead sensors — in public parking in Dubai, as well as multi-level parking terminals and the Dubai Mall car parking. Thus, motorists can use RTA app to identify vacant parking slots in a smooth and smart manner.”

He added: “Phase one of the link has been completed according to the planned timeline. The RTA has fully completed the project works at Al Rigga following the installation of about 2,000 ground sensors. Work progress has reached 84 per cent in the area of the World Trade Centre on the Shaikh Zayed Road, involving the installation of 59 overhead cameras followed by the installation of electronic smart directional signs. The project is set for full completion by the end of April 2017.”

Al Shareef also said that the project is aligned with RTA’s vision of Safe and Smooth Transport for All as well as its first and third strategic goals, which are Smart Dubai and People Happiness, respectively.

“The project assists in providing information about the status of the parking slots to motorists before driving to those areas. It directs them to the exact vacant parking slots, thus eliminates the traffic congestion resulting from the search for a parking slot,” he added.