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Nearly 100,000 counterfeit car parts seized in 31 raids last year

Al Futtaim Motors works with Al Ain Economic Development Department to curb practice

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Dubai: Automobile dealer Al Futtaim Motors participated in a raid with Al Ain Economic Development Department and other authorities, which led to the confiscation of counterfeit Toyota and Lexus car spare parts worth approximately Dh7.6 million.

The raid took place after months of investigation and resulted in the confiscation of nearly 100,000 units of counterfeit Toyota and Lexus spare parts, including air and oil filters, both of which are fundamental to the proper functionality of car engines.

A total of 31 raids were conducted in 2016, of which one raid alone resulted in more than 10,400 pieces of counterfeit products being confiscated. These products included brake pads and head gasket kits worth approximately Dh1 million.

In the third quarter, more than 47,300 counterfeit products were confiscated, including more than 22,300 pieces of counterfeit oil filters worth approximately Dh600,000.

This was in addition to the confiscation of more than 10,000 pieces of counterfeit brake pad kits worth Dh1.2 million, and almost 8,000 pieces of counterfeit air filters worth approximately Dh600,000.

In total, nearly Dh40 million in counterfeit goods were confiscated during these raids.

“It’s imperative that customers know the importance of using only genuine parts on their vehicles, as doing otherwise can put their lives, the lives of their loved ones and the lives of the public at great risk. Fake parts are not produced according to manufacturer standards and do not meet the quality and safety regulations of either the manufacturer or the government, in turn heavily compromising reliability and safety,” said Ralf Zimmermann, Director of After Sales at Al Futtaim Motors.

Al Futtaim Motors also provided training to more than 330 officials from several government departments and agencies in 2016. The training focused on increasing the vigilance of officials, allowing them to distinguish between original and fake parts, and providing them with tools to educate consumers about the importance of using genuine parts.