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A loose crane shocks motorists, causes traffic jam

A crane brought traffic to a halt on the road after Airport Tunnel on Thursday morning

Image Credit: Gulf News Reader

Dubai: There are many reasons behind traffic jams, and this morning, a big bird on the loose became one of them.

Motorists were startled to find out that a lost crane was the sole cause of Thursday morning’s traffic congestion as it scampered along the bridge after Airport Tunnel.

Ironically, eye-witnesses said the bird was spotted staying within its own lane around 9.30am amid traffic flocking towards Dubai. 

Dr Reza Khan, a wildlife expert at Dubai Municipality, told Gulf News that the bird appeared to be a blue-necked or a grey-crowned crane.

The bird eventually flew away to another destination.

“These birds come from the savannah in Africa, south of the Sahara, and is also a wetland bird. They are known for flying a lot. And most likely, it must have escaped from someone’s private possession,” said Dr Khan.