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Tesla lauds electric car incentive plans

UAE is setting goals for a cleaner, more ecologically sustainable way forward, says Tesla executive

Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News
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Dubai: Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen, Tesla general manager UAE and director of New Markets, earlier this year praised the UAE’s vision to embrace zero-emission vehicles.

“It’s good because there is a clear, concise messaging to what the UAE government is doing here. They are going forward and saying sustainable transport is the future. They’re setting goals and incentives to ensure that is the way forward,” Bardenfleth-Hansen said.

“This will further our mission which is a sustainable future with sustainable energy.”

The UAE is leading by action, Bardenfleth-Hansen said, noting that he “UAE is definitely a beacon market in setting new ways and daring to do so. In general, what we see is what the UAE does, GCC will follow. In a domino way, this is great thing. We can already feel the interest from other GCC nations who have definitely raised an eyebrow. We certainly are very happy with the way the UAE government are taking the leadership in this”.

Tesla opened its new service centre and showroom in Dubai this summer buoyed by strong advance orders for their electric cars produced in California.