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Students discover ‘Treasures of Hatta’

KHDA launches education activity connecting pupils with heritage of Hatta

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Dubai: More than 280 students from private schools in Dubai are participating in the first ‘Treasures of Hatta’ education activity, which connected students with different aspects of community living in the area as part of the Hatta Wellbeing District project, the Dubai Media Office announced on Wednesday.

The programme was launched by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) on Wednesday as part of its commitment to the Hatta development plan.

Students worked together with international experts to connect with locals from Hatta and learn first-hand through stories and experiences. The programme focuses on improving life skills and continues until March 18.

Starting from the Hill Park in Hatta, students explored the local fort before heading to different stations across the town.

Dr Abdullah Al Karam, Director-General of KHDA, said: “Our continued commitment to the Hatta development plan is aimed at supporting projects and initiatives which will improve the happiness of people. By working together with students and educators, we are engaging learners in discovering something new and creating life experiences, which are unforgettable.”

He added: “The programme has been made possible through a very unique partnership between public, private and not-for-profit organisations who have come together with an aim to create a learning experience which unites students with nature and helps them discover new cultures in a real-life setting.”

The ‘Treasures of Hatta’ education series is supported by internationally renowned experts, including the famed Ground Up Initiative, a community-based non-profit organisation founded in Singapore that connects people with nature; and Ecoventure, an outdoor educational services provider.

Tay Lai Hock, founder of Ground-up, led students from Dubai English Speaking College on the first day of the tour as he took the students to discover ‘Treasures of Hatta’.

Hock said: “The programme focuses on strengthening the five elements of the quality of life of the students, which include communication, vigour and vitality, empathy, continuous learning and taking notes.”

Simon Cook, commercial director of Ecoventure, said: “It is a great opportunity to help students escape the urban environment and reconnect with nature. We know this is important in increasing environmental awareness and improving personal well-being.”

The programme has been supported by Dubai Municipality in Hatta. The first group of students interacted with Hatta residents by visiting their homes and participating in a series of activities traversing through the area.