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Students expelled after prank goes horribly wrong

Students smuggle firecrackers into the school and tamper with the fire extinguishers to cause panic

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Manama: An education district in Kuwait expelled, shifted and suspended students of a girls’ high school for staging a prank in which 42 girls suffocated and needed urgent medical treatment.

According to the report endorsed by the Jahra Education District, students smuggled firecrackers into the school and tampered with the fire extinguishers to cause panic among the girls.

The students had planned the prank in order to take pictures and videos of the general panic and post them on their social media accounts, the report added, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Thursday.

According to reports, 42 students needed treatment although the inhaled material from the fire extinguishers was not toxic. Most cases were treated on the spot, but at least three girls needed to be transferred to a hospital in Jahra, north-west of the capital Kuwait City. Doctors said that many of the cases were caused by fear and panic.

“Their reckless behaviour is a major violation of the regulations,” the education district said.

The education district decided to expel eight students from the school and to shift six students to other schools in Jahra.

Some students were suspended for using their cell phones to take pictures and videos of the general panic.

Four school staffers were referred to questioning for their negligence and for failing to monitor the school sections under their responsibilities, the education district said.

“Jahra educational district is keen on deterring any violations that may threaten the lives of our students or our educational and administrative staff.”