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Bahrain to present UAE jet intercept reports to ICAO

Saudi Arabia condemns intercept of UAE planes

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A view of the Bahrain International Airport

Manama: Bahrain's Civil Aviation Affairs (CAA) said it would present a detailed report on the intercept of two UAE Bahrain-bound planes by Qatar's jetfighters to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

The CAA said in a statement issued late on Monday that it would take the necessary action regarding the "dangerous incident" with the concerned states, as well.

The first incident occurred at 9:35 local time when two Qatari fighters, coming from the Qatari airspace, moved up to two miles from the Emirates Boeing 777 plane on a scheduled flight from Dubai to Bahrain (EK837), putting the lives of the passengers and the crew at risk, the statement said.

The incident "prompted the air traffic controllers in Bahrain to intervene immediately and take the necessary measures to maintain the safety of air traffic."

The second incident, related to an Etihad plane flying from Abu Dhabi to Bahrain (EY23b) is being investigated, the CAA said.

Earlier, Bahrain's foreign ministry strongly condemned the intercept as a blatant violation of international conventions and laws issued by ICAO and the Chicago Convention.

The ministry added that such reprehensible hostile behaviour by Qatar against civil aircraft has become frequent in recent times, jeopardised the safety of civil aviation and posed a threat to the lives of civilians.

The ministry stressed Bahrain's support for the UAE and for all measures it takes to protect its security and stability and put an end to such violations by Qatar, the statement added.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia condemned "the intercept of two UAE civil planes bound for Bahrain by Qatari jetfighters."

"Such an action constitutes a threat to the safety of civil aviation and is in violation of relevant international laws and conventions," a Ministry of Foreign Affairs official was quoted as saying.