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Bahrain revokes citizenship from 31 people

Interior ministry says affected people have right to appeal

Image Credit: AP
Riot police chase Bahraini anti-government protesters following a mourning procession in Daih, Bahrain, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, for a woman whose relatives and opposition activists say died from tear gas.
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Manama: Bahrain has revoked the citizenship of 31 people under a security-related clause.

The interior ministry said that it referred to Clause C of Article 10 of the Citizenship Law that allows the revocation of Bahraini citizenship when its holder undermines state security.

“The interior minister will oversee the measures required to implement the decision taken in line with Bahrain’s commitment to preserving national security and in accordance with international covenants,” the statement said.

The affected have the right to appeal the decision before a court of law, the ministry said late on Tuesday.

The list of 30 men and one woman includes Bahrainis living abroad, two former lawmakers and religious figures.

The list: Saeed Al Shehabi, Ebrahim Ghuloom Karimi, Jaafar Ahmad Al Hassabi, Ali Hassan Mushaima, Abdul Raoof Al Shehabi, Mussa Abdali Mohammad, Abbas Abdul Aziz Omran, Mohammad Mahmoud Al Kharraz, Qassim Badr Hashem, Hassan Amir Akbar Sadiq, Sayyed Mohammad Ali Al Mousawi, Abdul Hadi Abdul Rasoul Ahmad, Alawi Saeed Sayed Sharaf, Hussain Abdul Shaheed Hubail, Hussain Mirza Abdul Baqi, Khalid Hameed Mansour, Kamal Ahmad Ali, Ghulam Khairallah Mohammadi, Mohammad Ebrahim Hussain Fat’hi, Sayyed Abdul Nabi Al Mousawi, Taymour Abdullah Jumaa Karimi, Mohammad Ridha Mortadha Abed, Habeeb Darweesh Ghuloom, Ebrahim Ghuloom Abbas, Mariam Al Sayyed Ebrahim, Abdul Amir Ebrahim Al Mousawi, Ebrahim Khalil Ghuloom, Esmail Khalil Ghulom, Adnan Ahmad Ali, Jawad Fairouz Ghuloom and Jalal Fairouz Ghuloom.