Remote residency visa newborn
To make sure you and your child enter the UAE legally without any issues, you need to complete a few extra steps. Image Credit: kelvin octa/Pexels

Dubai: Congratulations on your bundle of joy! But wait, you're an expat returning to the UAE with a baby who needs to be registered as a resident? Don’t worry, it is an extremely easy process.

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While UAE-born babies cruise through residency, welcoming your little globetrotter requires a few extra steps. Don't fret, this guide will navigate you through the process like a pro:

Step 1: Birth certificate and passport

You must first acquire your child’s birth certificate and apply for his or her passport with the relevant authority. If you are not in your home country, you would need to visit your home country’s embassy in that country to apply for the passport.

Step 2: Visa voyage

You must then apply for a visa at the UAE embassy in the country of birth to allow your child legal entry into the UAE. You can easily find the UAE embassy in your country by referring to the website of the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) -

Once you land in the UAE, you would then need to apply for the child’s residence visa. You have 120 days from the birth of your child to arrange all the formal residency documents. If the residence visa is not finalised within 120 days, then a fee of Dh100 per day would be charged for each day over the 120-day period, and the baby will not be allowed to exit the country.

Requirements for a UAE family residence visa

To sponsor your child or family in the UAE, you need to first make sure that you are on a valid residence visa in the country. This can be a work visa sponsored by your employer, or a self-sponsored visa like a Green Visa, Investor Visa, or Golden Visa.

Once you have that in order, there are certain requirements you need to fulfil to be eligible for sponsoring your family members. This includes a minimum salary criteria and being able to provide the required documents. For more details on all the requirements you need to fulfil, read our detailed guide here.


How long does it take to issue a UAE family residence visa?

To issue a UAE residence visa and Emirates ID can take around a week.