driving licence renewal
Work in Dubai and want to take driving lessons here? Here's how you can apply for a driving licence and open a traffic file with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Stock

Dubai: If you work in Dubai but have a residence visa issued from another emirate, you can apply for a driver’s licence issued from Dubai.

If you prefer taking your driving lessons in Dubai, you can open a traffic file at a driving institute in the emirate. However you need to make sure you have certain documents with you to make sure you are eligible.

Here are the details.

What are the requirements?

You need to provide the following documents:
• Copy of a tenancy contract for proof of residence.
• Copy of the company’s trade licence to prove it’s based in Dubai or has a branch.
• A letter from the company certifying that the customer works in Dubai.

Additionally, you must also make sure you do not have an active traffic file in another emirate.


What happens if I move to another emirate and my residency visa changes?

According to Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in such a scenario, since your traffic file was opened in Dubai, the licence will be issued from Dubai after you pass the RTA Road Test.

How do I apply for a driving licence in Dubai?

You can either fill in the application for a driver’s licence through the RTA website – rta.ae or visit a licensed driving institute in Dubai.

Even if you have applied for the driver’s licence online, you would still have to visit a driving institute to open your traffic file, pay the fees, take an eye test and get your digital learning permit.

The process for obtaining a driver’s licence happens in stages. Once you open the file, you will have to take mandatory theory lectures, and pass the RTA ‘Knowledge Test’ or theory exam.

When you pass the theory stage, you can start the practical training lessons. You will then take the RTA ‘Yard Test’.

When you pass the ‘Yard Test’, you will then have to take a series of on-road assessments at your driving school and undergo the final exam - the Road Test.

When you pass the test, you will get your driving licence issued. If you don’t, you have to go through the training process again to be able to re-take the road test. For a more detailed guide on what to expect at each stage, click here.


How much does it cost to get a driving licence in Dubai?

If it is your first time getting a driver’s licence, the overall package, including opening a traffic file, learning permit fees and theory and practical lessons can cost you around Dh3,280 for the lowest basic package, according to RTA. However this total cost can vary across different driving schools in Dubai.

While the cost for driving lessons may vary, some fees are standardised. Here is the list of fees you need to budget for:
Dh200 to open a traffic file
Dh100 for learning permit fees
Dh50 for the handbook manual

Cost to issue a driver’s licence in Dubai:

If you have passed your Road Test, here are the fees for issuing your licence:
Dh100 for individuals younger than 21 years old.
Dh300 for individuals 21 years old and above.
Dh20 Knowledge and Innovation fees.

Driving schools in Dubai
• Al Ahli Driving Centre Al Qouz Branch
• Belhasa Driving Centre Al Wasel Branch
• Belhasa Driving Centre Jabal Ali
• Belhasa Driving Centre Nad Al Hammar
• Belhasa Driving Centre Al Qouz 4
• Belhasa Driving Centre Al Qouz
• Dubai Driving Centre Jumairah
• Dubai Driving Centre Al Qouz Industry 3
• Dubai Driving Centre Al Qusais 1
• Dubai Driving Centre Al Khail
• Dubai International Driving Centre (Drive Dubai) Dubai Investment Park 2
• Galadari Motor Driving Centre Al Qusais 4
• Galadari Motor Driving Centre Al Qouz 3
• Emirates Driving Institute Al Qusais 1
• Emirates Driving Institute Al Qouz 3
• Emirates Transport Driving Institute Warsan 3
• Excellence Driving Centre Al Qusais Industry-5
• Bin Yaber Driving Centre Al Rowayyah