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Dubai: If you are an active Instagram user and come across an account impersonating you, what are the steps you can take to protect yourself?

The UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority issued an advisory on January 12, informing UAE users on the steps they can take in such a scenario.

Steps to follow

To report someone impersonating you on Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Visit the specific account that you wish to report.

2. Click on the icon next to the account name, which has three horizontal dots.

3. Tap on ‘Report’.

4. You would then be asked why you are reporting this post, with two options available. Select ‘It’s inappropriate’.

5. Tap on ‘Report account’ and select ‘It’ pretending to be someone else’.

6. You will then be asked who the account is pretending to be. Select ‘Me’ and submit report.

On its official website, Instagram said that it only responds to reports sent to them from the person who is being impersonated or a representative of the person who is being impersonated, like a parent.

The website added that such reports are anonymous, except if you are reporting an intellectual property infringement.

Reporting cybercrimes

If you are aware that the account holder is within the UAE, you can also reach out to police authorities, which have dedicated cybercrimes departments. Police authorities across emirates encourage people to report cybercrimes like online identity theft, cyber extortion, online hacking and internet fraud.

To report a crime online, these are your options:

1. Visit and provide details of the violation.

2. the ‘My Safe Society’ app launched by the UAE’s federal Public prosecution (the app is available on iTunes or Google Play)

3. You can also report cybercrimes to the nearest police station in your area, or call 999 for help.