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Dubai Intelligent Traffic Systems Centre at Al Barsha Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Forgot to check the traffic updates before leaving from the office for the day? A simple solution is now being offered by Dubai and Abu Dhabi police authorities to ensure you can avoid traffic congestion on routes in the emirate – real-time alerts sent on your phone.

These include updates on traffic congestion due to accidents as well as weather related alerts, when foggy or rainy conditions affect road users. Here is how you can subscribe for these free services.

Abu Dhabi

On January 9, Abu Dhabi Media Office announced the launch of a new feature on the Abu Dhabi Police smartphone app. The urgent alert feature will warn motorists about unstable weather conditions such as rain, fog, dust, and during traffic congestion, and help them pre-plan alternative routes. Amid rough weather conditions like fog and rain, the alert system will warn motorists to reduce their speeds as is required in the Capital.

How to enable the feature:

1. Download the ‘Abu Dhabi Police’ smartphone app, available for Apple and Android devices.

2. Click on the ‘More’ tab and visit ‘App settings’.

3. Enable notifications.

Once notifications from the app have been enabled, you will be able to receive alerts sent by Abu Dhabi Police.


Dubai Police also launched a new Road Status Notification service in December last year. Through this service, subscribers will be able to receive notifications on any major accidents that have taken place on the roads of the emirate.

You can subscribe for this free service by providing your mobile number and confirming the registration by entering the one-time password sent on the registered phone.

To subscribe for the service:

1. Visit the Dubai Police website.

2. Download the Dubai Police app

a. Under ‘Traffic services’ select ‘Road Status Notification’.

b. Select ‘Subscribe’.

c. You will be asked to enter your mobile number. Enter the one-time password you receive to verify your number.

You will then start receiving notifications from Dubai Police. If you use the app, it will also provide alternative routes that you can take on your journey, to have a shorter trip.