Smart Police Station
Dubai Police Smart Police Stations (SPS) provides round the clock services in different parts of the city. The SPS has processed 60,216 transactions during the first nine months of 2020.. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Imagine needing to report a crime or apply for a police service – but without the hassle of long lines and waiting rooms. That's the reality in Dubai with the innovative Smart Police Stations (SPS).

Dubai residents and tourists can now access essential police services anytime, anywhere. These innovative stations, conveniently located across Dubai, are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether you need to report a lost item, a traffic accident, or even a cybercrime, the SPS has you covered.

What is a Smart Police Station (SPS)?

Launched in 2017 the SPS concept is the first of its kind in the Middle East. These automated stations eliminate the need for physical interaction, making them ideal for those who prefer a more private experience.

It is an integrated interactive self-service police station and allows people to apply for Dubai Police services that are provided at traditional police stations.

According to Dubai Police, the reason why these stations were launched is because some people don’t like to visit actual police stations. With the smart stations, people can walk in freely any time to access police services or get in touch with a police officer. These stations also cut the time to complete tasks, reduces queues and the number of customers in other stations.

What types of services are available at Smart Police Stations?

You can benefit from over 40 types of services 24/7 through the station. Here are some of the services you can access:
• Filing a criminal complaint
• Reporting eCrime (cybercrimes).
• Reporting a bounced cheque.
• Accessing the Tourist Police department.
• Delivering found materials
• Pay against vehicle impoundment.
• Pay traffic fines in installments.
• Applying for a lost item certificate.

Benefits of Smart Police Stations:
• Reduced wait times – skip the queues and get immediate assistance.
• Accessibility for all – SPS stations cater to residents and tourists alike, with services like Tourist Police support.
• Privacy assured - conduct confidential video consultations in private cubicles.

Connect with a Dubai police officer through video call

Another service accessible through these stations is a video conference with a Dubai Police officer, who can communicate in multiple languages like Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German and Chinese.

Through these video calls you can file a criminal report or complaint, and discuss all the necessary details. The officer will then send you the report, which you will have to sign digitally and then an investigation will be launched.

How does it work?

SPS stations offer private cubicles equipped with electronic dashboards. Here's what you can expect:
• Confidentiality - speak freely with officers via secure video conferencing.
• Interactive dashboards - access a wide range of services, including traffic fine payments and document management.
• Multi-payment options - pay fees conveniently with cash, card, or digital transactions.

Cost: For Dubai Police services that require a fee, an additional Dh100 is applied to services at Smart Police Stations.

Required documents:

• Residents must bring their Emirates ID
• Tourists must have their passports.

A scanner and a printer are available at the facility for documentation when you apply for a service or file a complaint.

Where are Smart Police Stations located in Dubai?

The Smart Police Stations are conveniently located across the emirate in the following places:

1. Arabian Ranches
2. La Mer
3. Last Exit- Al Khawaneej Drive-thru
4. Last Exit Drive-thru- E11 Dubai Bound
5. Last Exit Drive-thru- E11 Abu Dhabi Bound
6. City Walk
7. Al Seef
8. Dubai Silicon Oasis Walk-in
9. Palm Jumeirah
10. Al Muraqqabat
11. Dubai Police HQ -Main Reception
12. Dubai Design District (D3)
13. Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA)
14. Expo City Dubai
15. Hatta
16. Al Lesaily
17. Al Eyaas suburban police points.
18. Al Souq Al Kabeer
19. Al Nahda