Stock Sharjah police
A Sharjah police officer managing traffic. Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: If you are someone with partial or complete hearing impairment, you can now complete traffic and licensing services in Sharjah more easily, through a new service launched by Sharjah Police.

What is the service?

The traffic and licensing department allows users to reach out to them via their call and Whatsapp service on 06 5177 555.

The service allows users to complete their traffic transactions and get answers to their queries by sending a message on Whatsapp.

The cases are handled by staff that are trained in sign language, to facilitate the completion of services.

Which services can I complete?

The initiative allows deaf people to complete a range of traffic and licensing services, including:

• Vehicle and driver licensing transactions

• Traffic violations

• Traffic search and control transactions

• Impounding of vehicles

• Updating traffic files

• Traffic points imposition

• Receiving complaints and suggestions

Other police services

Dubai residents who have a hearing impairment, or generally fall under the category of people of determination, can register with Dubai Police to ensure that at the time of an emergency, the response is prioritised and they are able to receive help quickly. This is because people of determination or those with critical illnesses are particularly vulnerable to emergencies like fires. To read our detailed guide on how you can ensure Dubai Police is able to respond to you faster, read our detailed guide here