Cars that have been manufactured less than three years ago do not need a vehicle test report. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News archives

Dubai: Is your vehicle registration due for renewal? Completing the process is extremely easy, and if your car was manufactured less than three years ago, you would not need a vehicle test report.

A Gulf News reader wrote in, however, asking if he could renew his vehicle registration with an expired visa. He asked: “I read the Gulf News article on the new vehicle registration renewal drive by Sharjah Police. Can only Sharjah licence holders renew their vehicles during this drive or can vehicles registered in Ajman be renewed, too? Can I renew my license if I have an Ajman licence and if my visa has expired? Please let me know if this is possible.”

Gulf News raised the query with the UAE’s Ministry of Interior, who provided the following response: “By logging in to the MOI UAE smart application, you are able to renew your driver’s licence or car registration in all Emirates, except Dubai. To renew your car driving licence and registration, you must have a valid UAE residency visa, passport and Emirates ID.”

So, if you have a valid Emirates ID, UAE residence visa and passport, you can renew your vehicle’s registration by following the steps listed below. This process can be followed for vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain.

To renew your car driving licence and registration, you must have a valid UAE residency visa, passport and Emirates ID.

- UAE Ministry of Interior
You can register with the Ministry of Interior app using your UAE PASS details or with your Emirates ID.
If you want to register using your Emirates ID, follow these steps:
1. Enter your Emirates ID number.
2. The system will detect the mobile number registered with the Emirates ID and ask for confirmation, before sending a one-time password on it. If you do not recognise the mobile number, or are using a new number, here is how you can update the mobile number registered with your Emirates ID.
3. You will then be asked to set your username and password, along with providing an email address.

Vehicle registration renewal process

Log in to the Ministry of Interior app – MOI UAE.

• In the service catalogue, under ‘Traffic services’, go to ‘Vehicle services’ and select ‘Renew vehicle registration’.

• In case there are some restrictions, the list of restrictions will be displayed and you would need to get them completed to proceed with the application. These include:

- Vehicle insurance

- Vehicle inspection report, if the car is older than three years

- Traffic fines

All payments can be made through the application.

• Clear any fines that are due, upload the inspection report and insurance details.

• The total fees will be displayed. Fill your delivery address then click ‘Next’.

• You will be directed to a payment gateway.

• After making the payment online, you will get a payment receipt.

• The vehicle registration card will be delivered to you on the address provided (UAE addresses only).


The cost of vehicle registration renewal is Dh350.

The cost for the delivery is Dh15.

Total cost: Dh365

Fines for driving a vehicle with an expired registration

If a car is driven on UAE roads, which does not have a valid registration, the violators will be fined Dh500 and four black points recorded against their licence. The vehicle will also be impounded for seven days, as per Article 25B of Road Traffic Law (driving a vehicle with expired licence). These violations can be recorded by police patrols as well as smart radars that have been installed across the UAE.