UAE mosques reopen with new Covid-19 regulations
These are the precautions that people need to follow when coming to a place of worship in the UAE. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani

Dubai: Places of worship across the UAE opened up in 2020 after briefly being closed when precautionary measures were stepped up as part of the country’s fight against COVID-19. However, health authorities in the UAE have continued educating worshippers on the preventive measures that still need to be followed, to ensure community health and safety.

If you are planning to go to a mosque, church or temple, these are the guidelines you need to follow.

Prohibition from entering the places of worship

According to the guidelines issued by the UAE’s National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), the following people are prohibited from entering the places of worship:

• Senior Emiratis and residents (above the age of 60)

• children under 12 years old

• people with chronic and respiratory illnesses

• all those who are living with people in contact with COVID-19 patients

• those living with patients under treatment.

Tips for visiting mosques and other places of worship

• Download the AL HOSN UAE app on your smartphones

• Avoid crowding when entering or leaving the place of worship.

• Perform ablution at home. Do not use the ablution facilities at the place of worship.

• Sanitise your hands regularly, including before entering the place of worship and after you leave

• Keep your face mask on all the time when going to the mosque.

• Bring your own prayer mat and Quran or other religious scripture. Do not share them with others and do not leave them behind at the place of worship. Do not use the holy books which are placed in mosques and other places of worship.

• Observe a minimum distance of two metres from other worshippers