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Dubai: If you are planning to shift to Ajman for work or to move closer to family, you need to familiarise yourself with the Emirate's tenancy rules and regulations.

One of these regulations is the attestation and registration of your rental contract, which is referred to as ‘Tasdeeq’. But why do you need the Tasdeeq contract and who should get the rental contract registered? Here is all you need to know.

Why is Tasdeeq important in Ajman?

According to the service’s official website – – Tasdeeq is a system for electronic lease contracts managed by Ajman’s Municipality and Planning Department. The service ratifies rental contracts in the Emirate of Ajman.

“This system basically registers tenancy contracts with Ajman municipality. Once your rental contract is registered electronically, you can get a utilities connection and sewerage connection in Ajman. Another reason why Tasdeeq is important is that it also allows people to apply for a family residence visa. The Tasdeeq registration proves that an individual has a home to sponsor their family,” Sameer Syed, property consultant at Ajman-based real estate agency Future Homes Real Estate LLC, said.

How do I get Tasdeeq contract?

The residential unit is registered by the property owner or landlord in the Tasdeeq system, as only property owners can access the Tasdeeq electronic system, according to real estate experts who spoke with Gulf News.

However, the cost for the Tasdeeq contract has to be paid for by the tenant.

How much does it cost to register a tenancy contract in Ajman?

According to Syed, the cost of Tasdeeq is a minimum of Dh400 or 2.4 per cent of your annual rent.

Documents for Tasdeeq rental contract in Ajman

These are the documents a tenant needs to provide to their landlord to have their rental contract registered under Tasdeeq:

• Emirates ID
• Passport copy
• Contact details such as mobile number and email address.

Updating or changing a rental contract in Ajman

Waqar Ahmed, a real estate agent with Ajman Properties, said that if the landlord or tenant wants to make any changes to the tenancy contract, the amended tenancy contract must also be registered under the ‘Tasdeeq’ platform.

“You can only amend a rental contract in Ajman through the Ajman Municipality portal, and it is usually done to change a date for the lease period, rent amount or the name registered under the rental contract, if you want to transfer the contract to a family member’s name, for example,” Ahmed said.