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Approximately 19,000 streets have been named and 200,000 buildings numbered as part of this initiative. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: A unified address system will now help you get to your location in Abu Dhabi faster, all you need are three basic details – building number, street name and city name.

The Onwani system, launched by Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), aims to improve emergency response times, facilitate travel around the Emirate for residents and tourists and also support businesses by boosting logistics services.

How can I use the Onwani system?

Regardless of which navigation app you use, the Onwani system will enable you to easily locate any address in the emirate, by providing three details:

1. The number of the building
2. The name of the street
3. The name of the city (Abu Dhabi city, Al Ain, Al Dhafra etc.)

Example: 26, Al Seray Street, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi

Simply enter these details on any navigation tool you use – whether it is an app on your phone or the navigation system of the taxi you are taking. By following this address system, you will easily be able to reach your destination.

Onwani Abu Dhabi
Use this address system on any app you use.

Where can I find the building’s number in Abu Dhabi?

Onwani Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: Screengrab/Abu Dhabi DMT

As part of the Onwani initiative, address boards have been placed on approximately 200,000 buildings across Abu Dhabi. The blue and white address board will simply have a number written on it, which is the building number. Abu Dhabi DMT also stated that it has also named approximately 19,000 streets, as part of the initiative.

Share your location with QR codes

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QR codes have also been placed on address boards of buildings Image Credit: Screengrab/Abu Dhabi DMT

If you are near a building, an easy way to share the location with a friend, an emergency responder or even the courier delivery agent would be to scan the Quick Response (QR) code, which has been placed on address boards as well.