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Before you contact the ILOE call centre, make sure that you have your labour card number and Emirates ID number. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Subscribing to the Unemployment Insurance Scheme is mandatory, and while you can subscribe to the scheme online in just a few minutes, you also have the option to register by making a call.

Employees can sign up for the Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE) insurance, through various channels, which includes the call centre of the insurance company. The insurance pool of ILOE is managed by Dubai Insurance, and there is a dedicated call centre for subscribers to the scheme. Here are the steps you need to follow.

The deadline to subscribe to the Unemployment Insurance Scheme has now been extended from July 1 to October 1, 2023, according to an announcement made by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) on Thursday, June 15.

Article 4 of Ministerial Resolution No. 604 of 2022
Employees may subscribe to the unemployment insurance scheme, through the following channels:
a) Website of the insurance company.
b) Smart application of the insurance company.
c) Call center of the insurance company.
d) Ministry-selected business centers
e) ATM machines and Kiosks determined by the service provider after coordination
f) with the Ministry.
g) State-licensed exchange bureaus selected by the service provider after
h) coordination with the Ministry.
i) Smart applications for banks operating in the country, selected by the service provider after coordination with the Ministry.
j) Text messages (SMS) or bills from an approved telecommunications provider.
k) The Ministry may approve other channels in coordination with the Unemployment Insurance Scheme provider


Step 1: Get in touch with the ILOE call centre - 600 599 555

Before you make the call, make sure that you have your labour card number and Emirates ID number, as this will be required by the call centre, along with other details, which have been listed below.

Call the ILOE call centre - 600 599 555, and select the option to speak with an agent.

Step 2: Provide your contact details and employment information

Once you are connected to the agent, you will asked to provide the following details:

• Your mobile number.
• Email address.
• Emirates ID number.
• Full name, as per Emirates ID.
• Date of birth.
• Labour card (work permit) number. This number is issued by MOHRE or the free zone in which you might be working. To find this number, you will need to download the MOHRE mobile app, available on Apple and Android devices. On the app, you will be able to view your employment details and labour card.


Step 3: Select your payment frequency

Once you have given the information to the call centre agent, they will be able to see your employment information in the system, like your employer, salary and job title.

Depending on your basic salary, you will fall under two categories – A or B.

Category A:
• Employees who are earning a basic salary of Dh16,000 or less.
• Insurance cost: Dh5 per month (or Dh60 annually)
• Monthly compensation: 60 per cent of your basic salary, up to Dh10,000
Category B:
• Employees earning Dh16,000 and above
• Insurance cost: Dh10 (or Dh120 annually)
• Monthly compensation: 60 per cent of your basic salary, up to Dh20,000

The agent will then inform you of the insurance premium you have to pay depending on your category. You will then be asked to select your payment frequency:
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Semi-annually
• Annually

After you have selected your payment option, the ILOE agent will send you an email with your insurance details and payment details. In the email, scroll down and click on the green ‘Pay Now’ button.


Step 4: Pay for the ILOE scheme

The link will transfer you to the ILOE payment portal, where you need to enter your credit or debit card details.

Once that is done, you will receive a confirmation email from ILOE insurance, and your insurance certificate will be attached. It is important to download the certificate and keep it with you, since the certificate is proof that you are subscribed to the scheme. The certificate also states that it is the employee’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance instalments are paid on time.

If you have all the required details with you, the overall time for subscribing to unemployment insurance can take 10 to 15 minutes.