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The temporary work visa enables companies in Saudi Arabia to issue a temporary work visa. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Want to work in Saudi Arabia but can’t find a full-time job that fits your profile? You now have the option to work temporarily in Saudi Arabia, after the country introduced a temporary work visa earlier this month.

Here are the details.

What is the temporary work visa?

The temporary work visa enables companies in Saudi Arabia to issue a temporary work visa, where holders can work for three months from the date of entry in Saudi Arabia. The permit can be extended for a similar period, allowing the employee to work in Saudi Arabia for up to six months.

The visa also does not require the company to issue a separate work permit and residency for the worker for the duration of the job.

The visa is issued electronically and is valid for one year from the time of being issued. Companies can apply for the visa through the Qiwa platform.

What is the Qiwa platform?

Qiwa is the newly launched digital platform that provides services related to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which allows employers in Saudi Arabia to digitally create and authenticate employee contracts.

The platform also allows employees to approve, reject or request changes to their contract through their account on Qiwa.

Once both parties agree to the contract, it is considered authenticated and approved by the Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

Employers and employees can access the platform through the website –

The platform is available in six language options - Arabic, English, Bengali, Hindi, Tagalog, and Urdu.

How companies can apply for the visa

According to Qiwa, the request must be submitted by the companies through their Qiwa account. However, they need to fulfil certain criteria, including the fact that the company has a valid commercial registration (if the company’s business activity requires it to have one) and there are no existing remarks from the wages protection system on the establishment.

Companies can apply for a temporary work visa for a foreign worker through the Qiwa platform by following these steps:

1. Log in to your company account.
2. Choose ‘temporary work visa service’ from e-services.
3. Click on submit temporary work visa request.
4. Fill all the fields.
5. Submit the request for temporary work visa.

Cost and processing time

According to the Qiwa platform, the visa costs Saudi Riyal 1,000 (Dh978.97) and is issued instantly.

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