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Dubai: If you are about to get married in the UAE, you can submit the application for a premarital certificate and even receive it online, if you are registering your marriage in Dubai.

The DubaiNow app allows applicants to submit their request through the app, as long as they have a UAE Pass account.

What is a premarital certificate?

A premarital certificate is one of the required documents for registering a marriage in the UAE. By making premarital screening mandatory, the UAE aims to arrest the spread of communicable diseases such as AIDS. Marital screening test must be done through one of the medical centres of the:

• Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP)

• Department of Health - Abu Dhabi

• Dubai Health Authority

Based on the medical screening certificate, application for marriage may be denied if one of the parties suffers from a:

• genetically inherited blood disease,

• transferable disease.

How can I apply for the service?

1. In order to apply for the service, both your partner and you need to have a UAE Pass account.

2. Open the DubaiNow app, and select the ‘Marriage certificate’ service.

3. Enter the Emirates ID of your partner and send a request for verification. Once you and your partner have both sent a request for applying for a premarital screening, the request will be processed.

4. Fill in the application form, which requires you to put in personal details like your name, gender, date of birth and your family’s medical history.

5. You would then need to head to a Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical fitness centre for a medical test.

6. Once the results are in, you will receive your premarital certificate digitally, through the DubaiNow app.