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Dubai: If you are preparing to take your much-needed vacation this summer, you will face some rush and delays at the airport. On July 5, Abu Dhabi Airport’s (AUH) official social media channels shared some holiday travel tips for the upcoming Eid Al Adha holidays.

So, if you are travelling through Abu Dhabi Airport this Eid break, here is a detailed guide on navigating the airport and ensuring a smooth and safe trip.


1. Check the latest travel guidelines for your destination

According to Abu Dhabi Airport’s website, before planning your vacation, make sure your passport is valid for six months or more. Also check the visa and entry requirements of the country you are travelling to.

Check the COVID-19 travel guidelines of your destination, and download your COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Some countries, also make visitors fill out a self-declaration form prior to arrival, so check the country’s COVID-19 portal or speak to your airlines to know which forms you need to fill.

2. Get your documents in order

Apart from your passport and ticket, you would also need to have physical copies of other COVID-19 related documents, as required by your destination country.

These may include:

• COVID-19 vaccine certificate
• Negative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test result
• Filled out COVID-19 travel form, as required by destination country.

3. Find out where your terminal is located

Passengers were advised to check Abu Dhabi Airport’s website - – to confirm which terminal their flight was departing from.

Abu Dhabi Airport’s Terminal 3 is dedicated to Etihad Airways’ departures and arrivals, while Terminal 1 and 2 are used by other airlines.

4. Know the luggage regulations

Always check the baggage weight allowance of the airline you are travelling with.

According to the official Abu Dhabi airport website - - Abu Dhabi International Airport accepts a maximum weight of 32 kg for each piece of checked in baggage, this is in line with most international airports. Your bags should not weigh more than 32 kg, otherwise you will be asked to repack.

For hand luggage, all liquids must be in containers, with a maximum capacity of 100ml. Also, they should be stored in clear re-sealable bags. These travel plastic bags are usually available near the Customer Service Information Desks at Abu Dhabi Airport.


5. Park your car at the airport during your holiday

If you are going for a short break, you can travel and park your car at Abu Dhabi Airport. According to Abu Dhabi Airport’s website, you can leave your car at the airport while you travel or pick and drop off a passenger. The prices may differ depending on the terminal you are using.

6. Check in early

If you want to reduce the time you spend at the airport, you can do a self check-in and receive your boarding pass without having to stand in line. You can find the self check-in kiosks at Terminal 1 and 3. After checking in, drop your bags at the ‘Bag Drop’ counter.

You should always arrive three to four hours early for self-check in. Check-in time depends on the airline, and Abu Dhabi Airport’s website states that check-in starts at least four hours before departure time for Etihad flights and three hours before departure time for other airlines. Check-in closes one hour before your flight departs.

7. Use e-border gate

Use E-border Gates at Abu Dhabi Airport, which can help you complete the immigration check in a few minutes.

However, you must first register for the E-border Gates through one of the 25 E-registration kiosks. Submit your passport, Emirates ID, if you are a UAE resident and perform the biometric test. After you have completed registration, you can use the E-border gates. According to Abu Dhabi Airport, going through the E-border gate takes a total of seven seconds.

If you are travelling to the US, you can also take advantage of the US Pre-clearance Facility, which allows US-bound passengers to undertake all immigration, customs and agriculture inspections in Abu Dhabi, prior to departure.

8. Wear your mask at all times

Apart from the tips shared above, Abu Dhabi Airport also advised passengers to always wear their masks, dress comfortably for the flight and try to stay hydrated.

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