Hatta Express Bus RTA
Here's how you can visit Hatta, with the Hatta Express Bus for just Dh25. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: www.rta.ae

Dubai: If you have always wanted to visit Hatta, there’s some good news. A special ‘Hatta Express Bus’ (H02) will take you from Dubai to the Hatta Bus station for only Dh25.

The bus service was launched by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and has been open to the public since December 2022.

A little over an hour’s drive from Dubai, Hatta, also known as the ‘the highlands of Dubai’, provides a quick natural escape for city residents and tourists. 


Where can I find the Hatta Express Bus?

You can find the Hatta Express Bus stop at Dubai Mall’s main entrance, in the tourist bus parking lot area No.2. The bus is easy to spot, because of its distinct green and blue logo and ‘Hatta Express’ printed on it.

The bus route, Hatta Express (H02), will take you from Dubai Mall to the Main Bus Station in Hatta in approximately one hour and 55 minutes.

The express bus departs every two hours from the Dubai Mall station.

What are the Hatta Express Bus timings?

The bus operates daily from 7am to 7pm and departs every two hours from the Dubai Mall station.

How much does it cost?

The trip fare is Dh25. You can only pay the fare with your Nol Card. To complete the entire journey you will need around Dh60 in your Nol Card. If you are travelling with your friends or family, each inidvidual will need their own Nol card. 

According to RTA, there are two active routes from Dubai to Hatta, which are Route (H02) - Hatta Express, and Route (H04), Hatta Hop On Hop Off. Image Credit: Supplied.

Nol card Recharging machines in Dubai Mall and Hatta

You can be recharged at two spots – Dubai Mall underground car parking entrance, which is right across the road from the tourist bus parking, and at the Hatta Bus Station.

Does this bus take you all over Hatta?

The Hatta Express Bus only takes passengers from Dubai Mall to Hatta Bus Station.

According to the RTA call centre, 800 9090 – visitors can take the ‘Hop On and Off’ RTA bus service from the main Hatta Bus Station, which will be available at all the popular touristic destinations in Hatta.

The bus fare is Dh2 per trip and the bus departs every 30 minutes.

You can take the same ‘Hatta Express Bus’ back to Dubai, from the Hatta Main Bus Station, back to the Dubai Mall bus station. 

However, you need to make sure you reach the Hatta main bus station before the next bus to Dubai departs. Departure timings from Hatta Bus Station to Dubai Mall – 10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm