The National Aquarium also offers various educational experiences for schoolchildren. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: This week the largest aquarium in the Middle East opened in Abu Dhabi, home to 46,000 animals spread across 10 zones. The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi also houses more than 200 sharks and rays, representing 25 different species and all the animals are cared for by a team of 80 sea-life experts. So, if you are looking to take a deep dive into engaging with the sea creatures, here is all you need to know about the latest attraction.

What is the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi?

The aquarium, which opened its doors to the public on November 12, 2021, is part of the latest Al Qana development in Abu Dhabi. The aquarium offers families the chances to take a trip to 10 different zones, which include:

1. UAE's Natural Treasures

This zone is dedicated to the UAE’s historic roots in pearl diving, where you can witness how oysters and pearls are naturally formed while exploring the rich diversity of animals that inhabit the coasts of the Eastern Arabian Peninsula.

2. Red Sea Wreck

This zone takes you on an underwater exploration journey through a shipwreck, where you can come see hundreds of fish and coral typically found in the Arabian Red Sea.

3. Atlantic Cave

Cave formations have been created over millions of years through erosion and plate movements across oceans and this zone gives visitors a chance to see some of the creatures that inhabit the nooks and crannies of these caves.

4. The Sub

In this zone you can discover the operations of a submarine while exploring the magical world beneath the waves.

5. Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is the longest chain of volcanoes in the world located in the outskirts of the Pacific Ocean. This zone gives visitors a chance to understand how the dynamic ecosystem of volcanoes contributes to marine life.

6. Ocean Magic

This zone displays all the complex and ever-changing environments of oceans.

7. Frozen Ocean

This zone highlights the wildlife found in the Arctic, which is at the northernmost part of the Earth. Here visitors will be able to discover how animals such as Arctic sea birds and fish live in these icy waters.

8. Flooded Forest

Rainforests cover only two per cent of the Earth’s surface and yet are home to over 50 per cent of the world’s biodiversity. This zone will help you get a glimpse of the mysteries of rainforests.

9. Bu Tinah Island

This zone celebrates the diverse range of marine life that thrives in and around Bu Tinah Island in Abu Dhabi.

What are the opening hours?

The aquarium is open from 10am to 10pm every day.

How do I reach The National Aquarium?

The National Aquarium is located on the Al Qana development, along Al Maqta Street in Abu Dhabi along E20, between the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium.


How much are tickets for The National Aquarium?

This ticket cost varies depending on the access and experiences you register for.

General Admission - Dh105

Allows the ticket holder to walk through the 10-zone journey.

Beyond the Glass - Dh130

Gives ticket holders a behind the scenes experience along with a glass bridge walk.

Bu Tinah Dhow - Dh150

This ticket allows ticket holders to enjoy tour on the glass-bottomed boat.

All access - Dh200

This ticket gives you access to all the experiences mentioned above.

You can also get an annual pass for Dh399.

Where can I buy the tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the gates or online at