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Many of us use our health insurance whenever our bodies need physical care. A scraped knee, a fever, a headache… all reasons to visit the doctor. What most people don’t know is that the UAE is fully equipped to deal with mental illness or stress as well.  It may not be accessible to everyone, but it’s important to consider when wanting to live a healthy and happy life.

5 facts about mental health treatments in the UAE

1. Many insurances companies in the UAE cover psychology and psychiatry appointments

A lot of people don’t know that booking an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist is just as easy as booking an appointment with your GP. Just check your insurance website and do a search on which hospitals or psychology clinics are covered under your insurance.

2. You don’t need to be depressed to speak with a professional

You don’t have to be severely depressed in order to speak with a professional. You can be slightly anxious, worrying about something in particular, or if you simply want to upgrade yourself from having a good mind-set to a great one. Therapy can be for anyone.

3. Unfortunately, if you aren’t covered by insurance, then it’s quite expensive to go to therapy

Whether you are in the UAE, USA or Europe, therapy is expensive. And sometimes for those people whose insurance does not cover talk-based therapy it is a pricey investment in one’s health. A session in the UAE costs an average of around Dh700 per hour depending on where you choose to go.

4. There’s no such thing as a mental health day in most companies in the world

Most companies here and around the world are quite traditional, so will not offer you the chance to take a sick day if you are feeling sad or depressed. Some managers are more flexible and could potentially agree for you to take a sick day if you are feeling blue, however it is not an official option.

5. Even if you are “doing” fine, you should do a mental health check-up regularly

Many people don’t really see therapy as an option if they go through simple things like stress or communication issues. It should be something you do once in a while. Once every few months you should make an appointment with a professional and talk about your daily challenges and insecurities.