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Catherine Hawkes, Hair Artistic Director at Tips & Toes. Image Credit: Supplied

If your hair currently looks like Monica’s from her trip to Barbados in ‘Friends’, you’re not the only one. The humid summer translates to hair that is frizzy, unmanageable and not too pretty to look at. Fear not! Catherine Hawkes, hair artistic director at Tips & Toes, gives us her tricks on how to battle frizzy hair during the brutal weather right now.

Can hair frizz be tackled in the pre-wash and washing stage?

It can be helped by using serums and the correct shampoos for frizzy hair, especially those containing keratin, which will smooth hair and add shine.

What products help reduce/eliminate frizz?

Using a hair serum can weigh the hair down and help during the day. However, having specific in-salon hair treatments to tackle frizz such as Keratin or Botox will really help your hair survive the heat and humidity of the summer.

Are there any hair styling techniques to tame hair?

By using a serum through wet hair and when blow drying your hair facing the nozzle downwards, so that the hair cuticles are drying flat. This will help even before you style. Using a ceramic brush will also help as it will retain the heat of the hair dryer and smooth the hair better than using a wooden brush.

What is your personal favourite anti-frizz product?

One of my favourite styling products to tackle frizz is the Schwarzkopf Osis Magic. This is an anti-frizz shine serum that doesn’t flatten the hair. It’s easy to use and it adds a gorgeous shine.

What NOT to do when it comes to frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair needs moisture and nourishment so always use a conditioner. After washing your hair, try to always brush it through whilst wet, as brushing dry hair will cause more frizz. Don’t dry hair completely before styling as this will cause more damage and you won’t be able to fully de-frizz.

Any special advice for those with naturally wavy and curly hair?

If you want to keep your gorgeous curls or waves make sure you use a good leave-in conditioner and a foundation spray to keep hair hydrated. After washing brush through your hair whilst it’s still wet and try to style the curls with your hand and leave them to dry naturally.

3 anti-frizz products to try

Rahua Smoothing Hair Balm (Dh185)

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Image Credit: Supplied

This purse-sized product is perfect for using on the go. It adds shine and conditions the hair, apart from taming fly-aways. It’s also good for thermal protection for heat and blow drying. Available at Bloomingdales.

Trevor Sorbie Tame & Define Firm Hold Curl Cream (Dh64):

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Image Credit: Supplied

If you’re a curly-haired beauty, this cream will help smooth and de-frizz in one go without leaving your locks dry. It’s is formulated with Vitamin E and UV filters and is over 90 per cent natural. Available in BinSina and Boots pharmacies.

Color Wow Dream Coat (Dh150)

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Bring out the big guns with this very interesting spray that acts like a sealant to coat each strand with an invisible, waterproof cloak. It brings back shine and leaves even the most dry, processed hair silky and frizz-free. Available on beautysolutions-me.com