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As humans, we are constantly intrigued by others, continuining to want to know more, learning about new ways of communicating and growing. Within recent months, we have had to adapt to the ongoing pandemic, spending more time at home with anxiety, stress and feelings of loneliness, bringing communication and connections into the spotlight.

Over the last few weeks, we have been reaching out to old friends, checking in on colleagues and family, but as we come out of lockdown what next? This has shone a light on the reality of “long distance friends”, following people you have never met and likely, never will, but what about the network of people who are right on your doorstep?

The latest free app on the market, AskWho is based on distance and allows users to communicate with people in their area at a click of a button. It gives people who want to network from their sofas the ability to view the social media platforms of those around them such as; Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat combined into one app to help boost meaningful connections.

In a world where we are becoming more and more hesitant to approach and strike up a conversation in real life, now there’s a way to know more about people around you using the AskWho app. By opening the app, your phone will discover those in the area, allowing you to connect to their social platforms and interact at your leisure. Perhaps you’ve seen someone out running and recognised them from somewhere? Or someone in your building needs help with a new project and you have the perfect skill set to help. The possibilities are endless, the ASKWHO app creates a sense of community at times when we need it most by making socialising interactive and networking accessible.

Built with busy working professionals in mind, the app has a ‘save search’ feature that remembers those who were around you, allowing you to go back and find the person that caught your eye at a business conference or left a lasting impression. For those concerned about privacy, the app can be switched to private at any time.

As we slowly get back into our old routine and life becomes a little more normal, the app will continue to enhance the community feel, by linking people together in gyms, restaurants, business events and more. AskWho is a great opportunity to use the time wisely and make long lasting, real connections.

The app is created by British Dubai expats Matthew Gaziano and Michael Askew, two friends who saw a niche in the market for communication, understanding and connection based on location.