Leone Tea
. Image Credit: Supplied

With its unique cup characteristics, Leone Tea continues with its journey to cheer the moods of the consumers in the Middle East.

This perfect brew that creates magic in the cup comes with a lot of health benefits too. Hence, it is not only praised for bringing in cheer and banishing gloom but also for ushering in better health.

Leone is a labour of love that truly defines the nearly 25 years of its tea-making endeavour.

Handpicked and selected from the finest tea gardens of India, Kenya, and China, the teas bring along the tastes and flavours of cool wind flow, the enriched soil and the cascading slopes of green tea bushes, which make Leone so special.

The quiet beverage has been ever so skillfully blended to meet the drinkers’ delight.

In this part of the world, tea is an everyday must-have beverage. People aspire for a bright golden yellow strong cup, which Leone Tea delivers through its fine consistent blends and ensures an image of brand loyalty. So far in this journey the brand has continued to maintain its identity and consistency in quality while embracing innovation.

As consumer trends continue to change and the industry strives to enter different markets, opportunities have emerged creating rooms for further expansion and development.

The Leone Black Tea category currently welcomes on board Leone Green Tea, both in loose and tea bag form.

However, the dream of expanding the Leone Tea family continues. Brewed in mere five minutes, pause for a moment to think and appreciate the effort that goes into creating your favourite cuppa. A refreshing sip and a warm cup worthy of lifting the moods of millions, this is the cup that cheers — Leone Tea, full of goodness.