Gemma Gallagher will hold calligraphy workshops in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain during Ramadan Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi Irish expat Gemma Gallagher will hold two special workshops this Ramadan in which guests can learn Arabic calligraphy over iftar meals.

Design & Dine, her concept of teaching art over a meal, has been running successfully in Abu Dhabi for over three years. Recently, it was also launched in Al Ain and Dubai. “When I moved to Abu Dhabi, my friends asked me if I could teach them how to paint. I readily agreed but I didn’t want them to learn painting in a formal setting so I came up with a concept where one could eat, paint and have fun. My first class drew about 15 art enthusiasts. Now the numbers have crossed 100,” she said.

Meant for all

Every month Gemma chooses a different theme ranging from UAE landmarks and desert landscapes to pop and street art.

“Learning art should be an invigorating experience for everyone, even for those who haven’t picked up a paint brush in their entire life,” said Gemma.

Gemma’s Ramadan sessions will be held in Abu Dhabi at Venetian Village Ritz-Carlton on May 31 and Al Ain Rotana in Al Ain on June 7.

-The writer is an Abu Dhabi-based freelance journalist