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There is no denying that whether it is a hotel lobby or a living room, the sofa or the armchair holds court. Last year enforced a broader use and greater appreciation of these spaces from both practical and emotional standpoints, demanding design sensibilities that go beyond visual appeal.

Bringing chic to public places

TAB DD Couchette-1611755457061

Inspired by the homonymous train bunks, LaCividina’s ‘Couchette’ is a stylish and innovative modular system perfect for hotels, lobbies and other public spaces. Building on the idea that each individual unit is a complete solution in itself, the collection’s 38 elements allow great composition freedom, up to create comfortable rooms in different sizes. Removable padded panels can be positioned anywhere in the seat without loss of space, while accessories, such as tables, USB-electrical connections and coat hooks, turn Couchette into extremely quiet temporary workspaces. Perfect for united and isolated environments, the collection designed by Lucidi Pevere brings chic to modular furniture.

For the perfect snuggle

TAB DD Ruff by Moroso-1611755467044

Designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, the Ruff is a great ambassador for the chunky furniture trend that as we long for a comforting embrace has quietly become a movement during the pandemic. The wide armrests lie on the sides of the seat section and wrap around it firmly, even though they have just one single joint. The result is the harmonious combination between curved and straight lines — a simple geometry which creates and architectural interaction with the surrounding space. The Ruff armchair has a functional shape, while its personality does not give up being an object that inhabits the space it is placed in.

Eco luxe

TAB DD Aston Club by Arper-1611755463280

Jean-Marie Massaud updates a beloved Aprer collection for a new generation of design lovers. The Aston Club evolves the classic Aston design to offer comfort contained within a striking and elegant silhouette. The lounger comes with a matching footrest that continues in the same sense of repose and relaxation that underscores the original collection. Each Aston Club chair and footrest can be customised with myriad upholstery options — from classic fibres to contemporary patterns, but its commitment to the environment runs deeper. Made from recycled plastic from industrial waste and assembled without a drop of glue, the lounger’s internal components promise to be of use even after the armchair has fulfilled its life cycle.

Throwing a curve

TAB DD Juelp by Tacchini-1611755470955

Soft, enveloping shapes characterise the Julep collection designed by Jonas Wagell for Tacchini. Influenced by the 1950s Avant-Garde movement, drawing upon its seemingly contradictory simplicity and grandeur, the collection’s focal piece, the sofa, exalts in generous rounded lines that run through the entire collection. An interplay of proportions and shapes is enlivened with upholstery that whilst making the seats look ample and full, still conveys a sense of lightness, thanks to the recessed base that invisibly lifts them off the floor. Designed for home decor, their inviting appeal encourages cosy comfort and relaxation, making the Julep seating options also ideally suited to hotels and private offices.

Free spirit

TAB DD Kida by Stephen Burks for Dedon-1611755473914

Dedon’s first collection to be wrapped rather than woven in their special Fiber Touch, the Kida hanging lounger by Stephen Burks features a cradle-like organic form that’s open, light and inviting. In paring back the lounger’s exoskeleton, Bruks offers users an unbridled connection with nature. Crafted in powder-coated aluminium, Kida is lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy. The collection comes in three-striped vibrant colourways.