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Our five sense organs are vehicles for us to see, hear, taste, touch and smell. These aspects are subtle in nature; the vehicles, that is, the organs — eyes, ears, mouth, skin, nose — are gross forms; visible and touchable. The subtle aspects are felt, subtler are perceived. All gross forms have subtle aspects. For example, words seen/read here are gross forms of my subtle thoughts. Subtle aspects actually tone down their energies to manifest as gross. Example, breath is manifested (felt) form of the cosmic energy.

Journey Backward

The gross form can go back from subtle to subtler and beyond. For example, lived incidents/experiences (gross) become memories (subtle) and then impressions (subtler). Similarly, actions (gross) are manifestations of thoughts (subtle), which, in turn, are influences of one’s vibratory state (subtler).

Vibratory state implies dominant state of ‘be-ing’ at a point in time; I can be in a state of appreciation or complain or in a state of repulsion or respect and so on. My vibratory state can manifest (take gross form) as behaviour, attitude or habits. Or reflect in choices, or in manner of responses. The visible, gross forms, therefore, hold clues to a person’s inner vibratory state. The vibratory states are alterable and can be switched to positives.

Understanding subtler aspects require tracing back the journey of a gross form. But why is this important? While gross are manifested expressions, the subtle and subtler are the essence. It is important to know the essence as it holds the greater truths. Truths hold clues to healing, to expansion of consciousness. A person with expanded consciousness knows how to live life in balance, in harmony. In truth and essence, one finds freedom/ liberation.

Therefore, in healing, one may start the work with the senses to reach their essence (example below). One can notice vibrational clues in breath patterns and/or consistent thought patterns as well. In a high vibratory state, a person is in expanded state of consciousness, which implies his/her receptivity to change. Change is healing.

Subtle Seeks Gross to Express

Subtle forms seek expression in gross. This is the nature of divinity. Fragrance seeks a solid form, a flower, to express it’s essence. Human spirit seeks body to express and experience. Life in seed waits for expression as a plant/tree; however, it is not any plant or tree, but its own unique expression; an apple seed will not produce a mango tree.

Similarly, by nature’s law, each individual is unique, and each one’s spirit clamours to abide in his/her own uniqueness, own truth. One’s truth is bosomed in one’s challenges and talents/ gifts, unique to the individual (therefore, comparisons, judgement, jealousy etc are irrelevant).

Today, as you meditate, take your journey backward to contemplate on your unique strengths you possess and can invoke, to work with your unique odds. An honest, self-reflective journey backward holds the clues as to why odds got bigger in the first place.

This brings one back to the role of sensory organs. How does one feed them day in and out goes on to define the quality of one’s inner (subtle) energy. Can the energy be purified for growth, capitalised for improvement or not? In reflective-meditative states, one can review:

‘How do I use my’:

Ears: Do I lend my ears to that, which puts me in an empowering feeling from inside?

Eyes: Do I see, read, envision what strengthens my life’s meaning and purpose?

Nose: Do I use my nostrils and the sense of smell for progressive consumption purposes?

Mouth: Do words I speak, hurts or heals? What vibratory state I am in as I ‘speak my mind’? How do I tell my story to myself? What consumption choices do I make every day?

Skin: How do I make others feel? In what ways do I ‘touch’ others through my actions, words, behaviour?

Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her email: