Image Credit: Supplied by Eberhard Schuy

Dubai: Halloween is just around the corner and Gulf News spoke to renowned still life photographer and Canon ambassador, Eberhard Schuy to capture the spirit of Halloween, through the most awe-inspiring, haunting and frightening images. Here’s a detailed step by step guide on how to get the spookiest snaps at home.

Tip 1: How to shoot levitating objects

Image Credit: Supplied by Eberhard Schuy

Items required:

1. Thin fishing line

2. A chair, glass, pen or any other prop that can be suspended from the ceiling


1. Using the fishing line, secure an object to the ceiling so that it appears to float unsupported

2. Position a glass half full, with a bottle of drink floating next to it or perhaps float a pen over a half-written page, so it appears as if the pen is writing by itself. Thousands of different images can be created with this technique, so get creative

3. Ensure the hanging object is still so you can focus on the subject and create the impression of a poltergeist in action

Tip 2: How to create ‘phantom’ figures and apparitions

Image Credit: Supplied by Eberhard Schuy

It’s easy to produce photos of apparitions like the one of the ‘Dancing Girl’. For a simple solution to creating transparent portraits of friends or family, a small pane of glass will do the trick.

Items required:

1. A volunteer (family member or friend)

2. A pane of glass the size of a postcard – try taking the glass from a picture frame

3. A torch or candle


1. Hold the pane of glass rotated to the right or left at an angle of about 45 ° directly in front of the camera lens

2. Position your model next to the camera in the direction the glass is tilted towards

3. The model will be reflected in the pane of glass and appear to float transparently in front of the rest of the background

4. For an even more striking effect, have the person shine a light on themself or maybe even hold a burning candle in their hand

5. Capture the picture with your digital camera, trying different variations of the model and glass position to create the desired effect

Tip 3: How to create ‘circling spirits’ on the staircase

Image Credit: Supplied by Eberhard Schuy

Capturing ghosts on the stairs and swirling spirits have never been easier –here are 4 simple steps to ensure you get the spookiest stairway shots:

Items required:

1. A volunteer

2. A staircase

3. A white, very light cloth


1. Using a tripod or stable surface, position your camera facing upwards towards the staircase

2. Rather than asking a model to walk down the stairs, have them stand at the top of the staircase and drop a white, very light, cloth down the stairwell from top to bottom. The lighter the cloth, the slower it will fly

3. Capture the photo, using an exposure time of around 1/4 to 1/2 second (see instructions for tip #3 - the ghost on the stairs for how to achieve this)

4. The result will be an ethereal swirling energy