Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director, Hotpack

Amid Kerala’s vibrant scenery as the monsoon season subsides, the Onam festival emerges, marking the arrival of harvest and camaraderie. This festive tradition embraces unity and embodies giving, encouraging acts of kindness within communities.

With a substantial percentage of Indian expatriates in the Gulf hailing from Kerala, Hotpack Global joyously participates in the vibrant festivities and extends warm Onam wishes. Embracing the spirit of giving ingrained in Onam, Hotpack embodies this ethos. At the core of this thriving enterprise lies a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), seizing every chance to offer support wherever needed.

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Commenting on Hotpack’s CSR initiatives, Abdul Jebbar PB, Group Managing Director, Hotpack, says, “Reflecting the essence of unity, Hotpack Global’s Happiness Project comes to life as a celebration of shared joy. Launched on the company’s 26th anniversary, this initiative nurtures a sense of camaraderie within the Hotpack family. Like the bonds formed within families, these engagement programmes invigorate the workforce, revealing hidden talent and passion that contribute to a dynamic workplace environment.”

“Our goal of being eco-friendly, earth-conscious, and environment-driven resonates with Onam’s respect for nature. The introduction of groundbreaking post-consumer recycled (PCR) shopping bags signifies a resolute move towards responsible choices. Thus, Hotpack pioneers a greener future, reducing plastic waste and its environmental impact,” he adds.

Similarly, Hotpack’s Fill for Future initiative, inspired by a commitment to the environment, echoes the tradition of caring for the land. The diligent desert clean-up drive, a cornerstone of this initiative, reverberates with a strong sense of responsibility. Through community involvement and heightened environmental awareness, Hotpack’s efforts stand as a testament to its dedication to fostering a cleaner and healthier world.

As Hotpack Global embraces the festive spirit, its CSR initiatives embody the festival’s essence. Through sustainability, empowerment, and environmental consciousness, Hotpack embodies the heart of shared values.

Hotpack has operations in 16 countries around the world with 29 branches and 16 manufacturing plants, in addition to 50 retail outlets. The company produces more than 4,000 packaging products and exports to 106 countries.