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If you wear a hijab every single day and don’t think about taking care of it, you’re not alone. It’s just too easy to throw it off as soon as you get home and not think twice about the delicacy of the material until you wear it again the next day. ModBeautyKeeper, the Queen of all hijab protectors, are here to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to keep your hijab looking sparkling clean and brand new.

1. Wear an under scarf

If you wear your hijab directly on top of your hair, whatever hair products you have applied can easily transfer, rub and smear all over your hijab. Your hijab can also cause damage to your hair if the material isn’t soft or light. By wearing an under scarf, it will not only keep your hijab clean but also make it look a lot smoother on your head.

2. Use translucent powder

If you wear make-up with your hijab you’ve probably experienced the problem of it staining the underside of your scarf. After applying all your make-up, even your setting spray, try dabbing translucent powder around your hairline with a slightly damp beauty blender. After, with a clean brush, push off any excess powder off your face. Simply wrap your scarf how you normally would and when you come to take it off at the end of the day, it should be completely mess free!

3. Buy yourself a ModBeautyKeeper

Put make-up on before your hijab and you run the risk of make-up staining the underside. Put make-up on after your hijab and you’ll have pesky beauty products make their way on to the top of your scarf. The ModBeautyKeeper is a secure, one size hijab beauty protector which ensures your make-up stays on point and off your hijab.

4. Store your Hijab away from the rest of your clothes

Keep your hijab in clean and dry areas. Try folding them away from the rest of your clothes, in their own separate draw. This way, no zips or tags will get caught on the scarf and pull away a loose thread.

5. Baby Powder should be your BFF

So many products such as make-up, sun cream and lotions are oil based, which are a nightmare to remove once stained. As soon as you splash any oily products on your hijab rub some baby powder into the affected area, it will absorb the oil which should lift most of the stain. Let the baby powder sit for 30 minutes, remove the excess powder and gently handwash your scarf.

6. Don’t be a Sweaty Betty

Summer’s here and sweat stains on your hijab are inevitable, especially if your hijab is a lighter colour. In a bowl mix baking soda and dishwashing soap, dip a toothbrush in the mix and carefully rub at the affected areas. Once all stains have been covered sprinkle some baking soda over each stain. After 10 minutes gently handwash your hijab. Hang your scarf to dry. Remember! Air drying your hijab will help it remain its shape, hang it on a clothes dryer or carefully place it on a flat surface.