Ajith Kumar A. K. Watch your step A sizeable number of children and senior citizens are in danger of injuring themselves near Al Qusais Pond Park in Dubai. Image Credit: Ajith Kumar A. K.

Al Qusais Pond Park in Muhaisnah 4 area, Dubai, is one of the well maintained parks frequented by residents and is a boon for the nearby community. A sizable number of children and senior citizens make use of the facilities, right from the early morning to the park’s closing time at night.

However, I would like to highlight an issue to the authorities. A few days ago, there was a minor incident wherein a child got her ankle badly sprained while getting down from the car near the rear gate of the park, due to a crater that she didn’t notice (as seen in photograph). The crater is approximately 30cm deep, formed due to the settlement of pavement tiles near a manhole. It is located in the parking bay located in front of the rear gate of the park. It is a matter of concern.

Playful children and elders can easily get their feet stuck, especially during the early hours of the day when it’s still slightly dark. Even the tyres of the cars can get damaged. It would be in the interest of the visitors if the authorities can set it right.

The reader is based in Dubai.

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