Waste left behind The play area in Abu Shagara park in Sharjah. Park visitors leave behind trash instead of throwing it in the waste bin. Image Credit: Madiha Ahamed, Gulf News reader


One Friday morning, my family and I went for a walk in the Abu Shagara park, in Sharjah and we happened to see garbage dumped on the grass and play area (as seen in photograph). I was shocked at the sight!

We all keep our houses clean, so in the same way why can’t we keep the park and our surroundings clean? After all, it is a public place and none of us like a dirty park.

Think about the municipal workers assigned to clean the park. They spend so much time and effort to keep it clean and tidy. The authorities spend lots of money on constructing and maintaining parks all around Sharjah so that we can enjoy and have a nice time there. We should appreciate their efforts and play our part in maintaining the parks in return. That is the least that is expected from us.

All it takes is a few minutes to throw the garbage in the waste bin. Isn’t that simple and sensible? Let’s all join hands and keep our surroundings clean for the sake of our environment.

The reader is a pupil based in Sharjah.

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