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What is the right attitude to adopt at work? Gulf News readers discuss

While being nice is the general approach employees take, some say that being ‘too nice’ can hinder creativity. It can also affect decision making, some suggest. What is the right attitude to adopt at work? Gulf News readers discuss

Moderate approach

Being nice is being respectful

Depending on the role, you are playing the company and whom you are dealing with. Being ‘nice’ does not mean that you will not rock the boat in terms of decision making or you are scared of your opinion on an issue because you do not want other people’s feelings to get hurt. Being nice for me is respecting other people’s religion, race and culture. Being respectful for me is being ‘nice’.

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As a professional working in human resources, I need to balance between being ‘nice’ and being respectful. There are times that I need to be strong with my decisions as this is for the sake of the company. Being nice for me is to follow what we have agreed on but not compromise the company’s decision in general.

So far, I have never been in a company that is so nice that we had issues with creativity and poor decision making. However, in the end, I am a nice person, because I respect the person sitting next to me.

From Mr Jerry Selayro

Human resources manager based in Dubai

Exert your presence

Be nice but also mark your boundaries

Working for seven years with four different companies made me say that being kind at any work with anyone is actually not bad. I do not see anything wrong with it for as long as you know when to say “yes” and “no”. If it is in your nature to be sincerely kind, express it. Your office might need a little ray of sunshine in the workplace anyway but protect yourself from people who start coming to you only because they need something - to the point of disregarding your boundaries. Also, don’t let someone just steal your idea when you know it’s yours. There will always be competition in the office, and they will assume you are weak - prove them wrong. Create a balance, be authentically kind but professional. Accept compliments or criticisms with grace; state your opinions with respect; express your ideas don’t be shy; practice sharing constructive criticisms but communicate it well, and don’t be a doormat. Learn to refuse things and do not over-apologise about it. Tell the world that one can be both at the same time.

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From Ms Nadia Shami

Marketing executive based in Dubai

A mix

It depends on who one is interacting with

A work environment should have both a social and professional nature. A company would benefit more from its employees being more relaxed and comfortable. When a person can’t be themselves at work they are somehow stopping themselves from reaching their full potential. However, being too nice and personal on the other hand can lead them to not be taken seriously. If you seem to be very friendly with some work mates, they could have the idea that it would be easy to play around with you because they think you wouldn’t be able to stand up for yourself. Which can be destructive if done in front of your manager or boss. A balance of these two is extremely important in a work environment and distinguishing between who you can be friendly or should be more professional with is important. Personally, I feel it’s more important to be social in my work field because my industry, advertising and marketing, is more open, young and creative. Especially in my department it’s vital to build a good and close relationship with the clients that I work with.

From Ms Refqah Istaitiyeh

Account executive based in Dubai

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