Marwan Shakarchi Image Credit: Supplied

What is the latest artwork all about?

The new artwork at JBR is a rendering of organised shapes versus random forms using gradient colour. This piece is an “Exploration of Colour” inspired by the family-friendly vibe and environment in JBR. I feel that strong colour appeals to both kids and adults.

JBR is one of the first places where 3D painting and graffiti was introduced. How important is this for you and the city?

I think the most important thing about public art is the shock factor. As you turn the corner and you see something that’s not supposed to be there and you’re like, ‘what is that? Is that real?’ Anything visual has the power to affect the way you think and the way you approach things.

What inspired your other artworks at JBR?

In my early days, I was influenced by punk music and inner-city skateboarding which I think kept me outdoors with stickers and a great affection for street art. I consider myself to be a street artist which is similar but I meticulously plan out each mural and seek permission before I start anything.

Can you tell us more about your latest work at JBR?

My art piece was created in front of a live crowd over three days. It consists of three high cylinders and I covered this with my abstract bursts of color as I felt the energy from the gathering crowds. This piece can be seen at the roundabout near Hilton Hotel. I have also painted the angel wings – a perfect Instagram shot for visitors.