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I have been in Dubai for almost nine years now, and have been dealing with several banks. However, I have only been facing issues with Dunia finance. I signed up for a loan with them way back in 2009 — an amount of Dh15,000, along with a credit card.

I have been regularly paying my dues with the minimum amount since then. However, due to a negative turn of events in around 2012, I could barely manage to pay the minimum amount. As far as I remember, the bank’s customer service centre called me with a solution — in order not to increase the interest rate on my credit card, they would transfer the amount into a loan, which I agreed to, over the phone. They have not given me any documents as proof of that agreement.

Now, I know that I have two loans with Dunia — the original one and the credit card dues that were turned into a loan. Since then, I have paid them, but not regularly. There is an agent who used to come to my workplace to collect my payment and I have kept all the receipts given by him.

In 2015, an agent from Dunia spoke with me, saying that in order to settle my liabilities with Dunia, I would have to pay a discounted amount of Dh32,100 out of the total outstanding of Dh56,000.

I don’t know the reason why I have such a huge amount payable to them. I did sign for the direct debit, which they forced me to do, and they have asked me to give them a cheque and my bank account, which I did not give them. I wanted to get my balance statement, which I had not received for a long time even through email or by post. Several times, I have asked them for a liability letter, which they have refused to give me.

Also, based on my receipts, which I have kept since 2012, I paid them almost Dh19,000. Now, Gulf News, I just wanted help, because I don’t want to have any issue. I am planning to take my daughter back to the Philippines and I am scared that maybe I will end up with a travel ban because of this.

I am open to any settlement with Dunia if I still have an outstanding with them. I even emailed them in 2013, reaching out to them for a settlement, but received no response.

I appreciate Gulf News’ prompt response and help at the earliest.

From Ms Marilyn Mameng


The management of Dunia responds:

Thank you sharing Ms Mameng’s query with us.

As you are aware, we are unable to disclose specific resolution details owing to confidentiality reasons regarding our customers’ personal and account-related information.

However, we do confirm that, in line with our commitment to assist and serve our customers with the highest service levels and convenience, we have extended full assistance with alternate payment solutions to assist Ms Mameng in conveniently regularising her account with us, which remains delinquent on payments for an extended period of time.

We trust this closes and satisfactorily resolves the matter.

Ms Mameng responds:

Thank you for the feedback. As Dunia mentioned, they have contacted me. I have mentioned to them that I will try to come up with the required amount of money to close all my liabilities with Dunia.

But so unfortunate, that the revised amount they have offered to me pertains only to closing the credit card, which I had agreed to close and turn into a loan a long time ago. To my surprise, I have two loans with Dunia and one credit card — I don’t know how this happened.

Now, I am still financially struggling to find a solution for my liabilities. What happens to my previous instalments if they want me to pay such an amount again?

Dunia responds:

We have contacted Ms Mameng and would like to confirm that the matter has been resolved satisfactorily. As you are aware, we are unable to disclose specific resolution details in the interest of protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ personal and account-related information.

We trust this closes and satisfactorily resolves the matter. We thank you for your ongoing support.

(Process initiation: May 25. Response from organisation: May 28. Process completion: July 12.)

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